Mountwest Community and Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Regret nothing, live positivly, be smart. I would have used my promise scholarship starting out at mountwest instead of waisting it at marshall university and losing it. Now I struggle to come up with enough money to pay for school and I will have to pay loans back in the future. Please help me with this scholarship! Thank you for your time and giving me the opportunity to fill out this survey to be in the running to get this scholarship.


Knowing what I know now, I would have changed so many things now that I look back at being a senior in high school. I would have told myself to slow down, find my passion, and be open to new things. I did not enjoy high school as much as I do college. I would have told myself to get ready to experience an entire new world. This new world of college that I love so much. I would have told myself that I would meet some incredible people, that would change the way I connect and inteact with life in general. Lastly, if I could tell the person I was in high school the most important advice, I would tell myself that I would not be alone. That my family would stand by my side ,and help me every step of the way. College is not about how many friends you make or how quickly you graduate. It is about personal growth, and experience.


I would have attended Mountwest instead of Marshall university. That would have saved me a lot of time and money


If I had a chance to talk to my younger self, I would say " You really need to go on to college now, because later in life you will find job opportunities slim to nonexsitant. The reason being down sizing in every industry including health care. So get your nursing degree while you are young and you will probably still have a job in 30 years."


I would probably tell myself in high school to get a 22 or higher on the ACT, maybe work a little bit harder. I did not realize how important one number, ACT scores, was until I came here. Without the Promise scholarship, paying for college is even more difficult.