Mt Hood Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I completed an associates degree from this school 10 years ago (paid out of my own pocket). I wish I knew that I could only get one year of financial aid coming back to try to get a more marketable degree, post divorce. Not the school's issue -- new federal financial aid restrictions.


If i hold any regrets in my academic history, it would be not preparing myself as well as I could have in highschool and my first year of college. I had always known I wanted to be in the medical field, but I never had the parental "push" that most of the people around me had. Neither of my parents attended college, so I took classes here and there. If I were to change anything before coming to MHCC, it would definitely include establishing a better game plan for paying for school.


The veriety of programs offered and how often certain classes are offered.


Get involved in out-of-class activity at college. Look for opportunities to help or volunteer with research groups and clubs through the college. I think the key to having a positive college experience is to put yourself out there and meet people. Having out-of-class activities give the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships, making it more pleasant to stay in school until graduation.


I wish I would have given myself the opprotunity to go to college sooner, so I'd be finished sooner. I'm 28 now, single and with no kids, I should have done this years ago. The weeks are flying by, and I in no time I'll be done. I wish I would have known how fast I could make my dreams come true.


Well, I come from a small town and my high school was pretty small as well. One thing I wish I had known was where everything was located. I took a tour my freshman year but it was kind of vague, partially because there were certain times groupes had to be in certain places. Also I wish I had known just how expensive textbooks were going to be. I've almost half of my loan money, after tuition, to pay for textbooks and I don't have much left to live on for the rest of the term.

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