Mt Hood Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Even though you will graduate without any difficulties, do not slack off. Study, do your homework, continue to get good grades! Be as involved as possible in school and extracurricular activities and volunteering, it really does look good on college applications, scholarship applications, and even job applications. Retake SAT and ACT after taking preparation classes to increase your scores. This is important to get scholarships for college. Do not take a year off before college, it grows into much more than a year! Focus on school, not work. If work is becoming more important, find a new job! Just keep on pushing through to finish school. Get your bachelor's degree as soon as possible. Do not take any breaks -- that's what Summer is for. The first 2 years, go to community college (smaller classes, less cost of tuition, easier to transition to college life) to get through general studies, pick a major, transfer to a local 4 year college, and go for it... FINISH! You can do it! Do it now... do not put it off.


"Brandon, Wake up! Your friends are all preparing for college, filing their FAFSA's, and picking out pictures to hang in their dorms. And you..well you're worrying about whether or not you set the DVR for tonights' episode of 'Modern Family'. Spend this time exhausting every resource the the high school offers. Apply for every scholarship, work study, and any other financial aid you can get your hands on. Seek out help in the scholarships office in the 500 Hall. You know, that one hallway you accidently walked into when you were lost during Freshman orientation? There are so many resources available and hardly any of the students realize it. Athletics are important, yes. They define you, build character and work ethic. But manage your time better. Work on homework rather than going out. Apply yourself as a student just as much as you've applied yourself as an athlete. You can be the first person in your family to graduate college. You're building your future right now, and you don't even realize it." -Future Brandon


If I had the chance to go back in time I would tell my senior self to save as much as possible. College is expensive especially the one I chose. I would tell myself to get a job as soon as I found out about this college. I would want myself to have a little nest egg since I might move to a totally different state. I would also say to live in the state for a year before starting, since the college offers a scholarship to residents of the state. I would tell myself to ask about all the other scholarships they offer. Now that I know I realized I could have $25,000-$40,000 just from the scholarships from the school. Lastly I would tell myself to apply to thousands of scholarships/grants instead of just the handful I filled out. Basically every single piece of advice I would give my younger self would be all financial. I think if I would have done these things If I would have known about these factors before I started. I believe if I would have known all of this I might not be in the situation Im in today.


I would convince myself to take a class or two in college while I still attend high school.


Congratulation we made it to senior year! Now, this may sound weird but this is you writing from the future and I have some advice about college. First and foremost, fill out your FAFSA application as soon as possible, you have no idea how long a line can form until you arrive at the financial aid office on deadline day. We both know how much you hate asking for help but you need to break out of your shell. Don't be afraid to ask for help, from anyone. Even if you think you understand the lesson! Go through your notes after class and come up with some question. High school was easy, all you had to do was show up but in college you have to show up and prepared to spend hours at the library. Go to your instructors office hours. And please just remember this one thing about college, don't buy your books from the schools bookstore! You will most likely only read it for one class and if you try to sell it back you'll probably only get twenty dollars for a hundred dollar book. So, please buy or rent them online. Good luck.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior and knowing what I know about college life today I'd tell myself that it can be tough especially when you are doing it yourself without help but if you stick in there and try your hardest to get good grades and pass classes it will help you in the long run be able to get into a job that you would like to do for a living. It makes it easier to transition to college if you give your selves a little extra time to consider which college would match you and to not stress on the little thing. that is what i would tell myself.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school a lot would change in my life. My first piece of advice would be to apply to four year colleges and follow through with them. I would make myself work part time and not try to balance full time warehouse house work with school. I would make sure that I followed through with the police cadet program and above all make sure I took the advice from the school advisors serious and realized that they knew what they were talking about from experience. If there was that magic button to make up those mistakes then I would without hesitation press it and know that I would do better, not only for myself but for my family and friends as well.


If I was given the chance to go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would give myself encouragement on how to survive college. I would tell myself to work hard at the things you set out to do. Often, natural ability is not as important as desire and work ethic in college and that there is nothing you cannot accomplish with the right mind set. I would also encourage myself make a better effort at building relationships in college. I would advice myself to go out of my comfort zone and make at least an attempt to introduce yourself to others in my classes. The opportunity of lifelong friendships and meaningful encounters begin by simply introducing yourself to others.


I think that firstly, if I were a senior in high school and I saw myself from today, I would probably be pretty shocked for a bit. However, once that initial shock was over I would listen to Emily 2010 tell me these words of wisdom about college: It's important to understand how to balance out your life. Marching band is fun and very cool, but studying is important. Sure myspace and facebook are fun to be on, but not when it comes down to doing your homework. Make sure not to study too hard though, because college is that time in your life when you learn who you really are; go out there and have fun with it! Make friends and get involved in groups and for sure go to a play or a concert. College can be tough sometimes, but it's totally worth it in the end. These are tips that I wish I really could go back in time and tell my senior self because when I was in college at the end of 2008, the stress of everything got to me. Now, however, I am totally ready to take on college once again!


The first thing I would tell myself is don't be afraid to jump in head first! College is fun and can be challenging. Stop worrying so much about your 'first impression' and trying to 'fit in'. Most of the teachers here are super cool. It's nothing like high school and your love it. Work here is a lot harder then in high school. Well that is to be expected. It's a lot harder to keep up if you slack off so try and break that procrastination habit now! If you stay on top of the work, though it can be hard, your going to do just fine! Make sure to look into all the resources you can. They are there to help you, use them. At least at Mt Hood Community College, you have a wide rage of people who are in all walks of life and education. Don't be afraid to ask questions or speak up in class, it can lead to very interesting talks. College is fun and fast paced, so if you keep up on your work, and don't stress out, you'll do just fine. Trust me, I've been there.


I graduated in the year 2000. I didn't know if I wanted to go to school, or If I wanted to hang out and work and be with friends without the structure of school. I chose the former, and for ten long years I lived and learned but my life didn't go anywhere and eventually I felt it might be enough to be a server and give up my dreams of being something better. I almost did that but tradedy struck and when my world righted itself I was alone and I didn't know what to do with myself. So I decided that it was time to make progress in my life and I filled out an application online. I'll complete my second term in march, and I plan on going for a Bachelors in Sociology. If I were to give advice to myself, I would say, "You may wait until your ready, but It'll be easy once you start. Trust your potential."


If I could go back and give myself a pep talk about college I would say this: Turn your cell phone off! The thing that has helped me the most so far is cutting out distractions so I can study and learn in the best environment possible. College is much more than just a social hub. It is a place for you to find out who you are and what you will do with the rest of your life. If I have distractions, like cell phones, holding me down, then I can easily be sidetracked from finding out my calling in life. I would tell myself to take advantage of getting dual credit so there is less to pay for in college. God speed, Jason, and just remember to put that cell phone on silent.


The advice that I would give myself would be to take it slow and not worry about graduating so early. Taking the time to actually have a senior year will help you a lot and you will grow in ways that will help you prepare for what you have to face in college. Work on your procrastination, don't let it get the best of you, because when you enter college, the teachers don't care if you complete your homework or if you are late. It all comes back to you. I know that you think that all of these "grown ups" have no idea what they are talking about, but please don't learn the hard way and make the same mistakes that they warned you not too. Most of all, have fun your senior year, but study hard because it will all pay off in the end.


Dear Marissa, College life will not be as easy as you thought it would be. In order to be successful you're going to have to reassess your priorities. The friends you have right now are going to leave and you will make new ones. What is really Important is your relationship with God. No one will ever be there to help you through as much as he will. It's going to be a hard 8 years but with God all things are possible. College life is stressful if you don't have good organizational skills so get yourself a daily planner and actually use it. You will save yourself a lot of greif by knowing what's going on and what needs to get done. Good luck on your journey. With high hopes for the future, Marissa


Well, first off I would tell myself to stay in high school and complete my senior year, even if you don't get to graduate with your class. Dropping out was the biggest mistake I ever made even though I completed my GED 2 years later. There is still a part of me that feels like there is a gap in my life that will neve be filled. Also, know what it is that you want to do with your life and what you want for your carreer. Even if you don't know right away, go to college and figure it out as you go. Make goals and strive to achieve them. Enjoy and experience the college life. It is in a way, like a right of passage that each person should experience. You become a much better and more well rounded person for it. Study, do your homework, attend class and work hard, make study groups. Study groups can turn into friends. Most of all, make the next few years count and the best you can make them be. You will be glad that you did.


If I were still in high school, I would have tried much harder in my general studies because they are all required as you decide a career. I would also try more things and engage myself in more activities to see what I like most and what is it that Im good at so that way, I would'nt have to wonder what I want to do with my life because I believe high school is a great place for that.


If I could go back in time and say something to myself about college, it wouldn't be so much a talk as me smacking myself in the back of the head. In high school I thought college would be a breeze because of certain factors, such as classes starting later, only having one or two classes a day, etc. Now that I've been here for awhile I've realized that kind of thinking was very immature. I would tell myself to stop being lazy and take some more math classes, instead of only taking what was required of me. I had to work very hard to bring my GPA back up to a 4.0 once I got to college because, academically, I wasn't prepared. I would probably also tell myself to keep the part time job, ask for more hours, and save up money because tuition wasn't my only worry, I had to plan for textbooks as well. I would tell myself about my $150 anthropology and psychology books and after my past self fainted and got back up, I'd end by simply telling myself to see the light of reality and get serious.


Meet with a counselor to find out exactly what the goal is and the classes you need to take. Start off slow with your classes for the first term. Get to know the college and how things work. Shoot for your dreams, it will be a challenge and hard but just remember if it were easy everyone would do it!! You can do anything you set your mind too.


Don't be afraid. College can be scary and alot of hard work but the results are well worth it and also, make sure to study and not blow it off thinking you are the "Ace" student. Nothing is that easy and the life outside of school in the workforce certainly isn't easy. Basically, anything worth having is worth working for and on. School is no different. Please do not wait until you are in your 40's, like myself, before deciding to return to school and "make something of yourself" because in many ways it is much harder BUT when you do go back to school, remember to follow your passions (and that doesn't mean sleeping , eating and watching TV all the time!) because when you follow your passions, you always do well because the interest in it is there and you are more driven to follow that passion then. Just like me and my passion for marketing and managing! BTW, GOOD LUCK!!


I would recommend that I take more time on homework and studying for tests in order to get top grades. It would also be importand that I utilize tutoring in difficult classes such as math and science, but especially in foreign language. I would emphasize to myself the need to excel in a foreign language. I believe now that I should work and goof off less and get involved with music and/or drama. It is also necessary to personal growth that I get more involved in helping people, whether it be a soup kitchen, visiting the elderly,etc. Sometimes seniors look at careers from a future salary standpoint, so would recommend taking some career counselling tests to get a better idea my strengths and interests, so I can have a career that is satisfying and rewarding in ways that are more substantial than just money. Finally, I would suggest taking some classes at the local community college to have a better idea of what college academic life is like.


I would tell myself to put in more effort and focus more. I did not know at that age what exactly the world would be like after college and I made choices that are still affecting me till this day. Seniors believe they have it all figured out and know what to expect but its never quite like we think it is. So if I could do it over again I'd put forth my best effort, and also stop complaining. I would enjoy my high school experience, and make it one that wouldn't hamper my future but propel. Being unprepared causes you to lose precious time that you won't get back, and knowing that now I'd try to help prepare the senior version of me.


High school is for some the best years of life and others the worst. Durring high school I had no idea what I should do in life. I knew that the world had its flaws but I didn't realize the impact that an individual can have. Over the summer I became an activist with Greenpeace, bore witness to the worlds most distructive project (the Tar Sands) and have been working on social justice issues ever since. Lending a hand to suffering people in struggle has been the most rewarding and enlightening work one can imagine. Knowing what I know now I would have encouraged myself to speak out about the gross inefficancys of the bueracracy at DDHS (Oregon's most populated high school) that forced many students to drop out facing second rate courses and indifferent staff. I would have encouraged my mild anti-military campus recrutiment activism I tinkered around with in high school and stood up to peer presure that said activism isn't "cool", looking to where it would have taken me . I believe my power to make change is in my voice. I wish I would have just listened to it in High School.


I would tell myself, to work harder at my homework, go get tutoring for the classes I was doing poorly in. I did not really understand the importance of G.P.A and SAT scores. I would bug my counselors more on scholarships, nobody pushed me to go to college. I would get more help and get people around me to help me.


First off, I would tell my past self to think long and hard about what I really, truly wanted to do with my life. What I wanted to do, or thought that I wanted to do, when I was a senior stemmed from an idea that popped into my head when I was 14. I liked the pretty things that people made on websites, so I decided one day that I wanted to be a graphic designer. I wasn't really an artistic person, I just wanted to be able to make pretty things too. Now, I've chosen a major that better suits my actual interests and skills (Modern Language), and am much more certain and excited for my future than I was then. Also, I'd instruct myself to work on developing my study habits, and not to pay attention to the pressures surrounding me. I often felt in high school that I was missing out by studying instead of going to parties and the like, but now I know that paying so much attention to my education paid off in the end, and helped to prepare me for the study skills I would need in college.


How important being in High school is and your grades and the understanding of the classes that you are takeing. I t does affect you later in life!!!!!! When you start school be organized, take good notes, and study, study and study!!! This is the key to your succsess.


If i could go back in time and tell my self anything, it would be to do the best that I can do. Instead of spending all this time goofing around and not working, get a job and save. I choose a great college to attend and it would be so much easier to pay for if I had just saved up some money. I think you should sit down and seriously decide what it is you want to be. Don't waste time and money taking random classes for a degree you don't really want. Don't let what others want of you be your decion, decide what you want in your heart and do it. It will save a lot of time and money as well. I only wish that I would have set my mind to this as a senior, I wish I had only been true to myself about what I wanted. If I had, I would be done with school now and have a rewarding career now to help take care of my family.


I was doing really poorly in high school ,I mean I graduated but not with good grades, I never imagined that having a good G.P.A is going to matter for college, there was no motivation from family or from school. if i could take back time I would try to pass all my classes with an A. and since I did so bad in math I would try to get a math tutor to help me with math. I would go to my counselor and ask for college help.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to join some clubs or participate in some type of extra-curricular activity. I didn't really do much in high school. I was always worried about not knowing anyone and didn't want to be in a club alone. But now I am seeing that the bonds people made in their extra-curriculars in high school are still strong, and they are able to carry them over to college. I wish I would have made some of those bonds. I feel like the friends I used to have in high school all got wrapped up in their own activities and made new friends that took my place. Also, it would be a good way to meet people. I still feel fairly new to my college, but I know it is not too late. Maybe I will look into the clubs they have to offer and join one soon.