Mt San Jacinto Community College District Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are people I see twice a week.


My classmates vary from what type of course I'm taking. For science classes, most students are hardworking, and really make an endeavor to learn concepts, while classmates in non science classes are generally more lackadaisical and do not take the class seriously, especially if the class does not catch their interest. I feel like most classmates are taking the classes, simply because they must. It is rare when a student takes a class, because they are passionate about the subject.


My classmates are fun, easy to get along with people. Most are focused on getting their education, others are trying to figure out what their major is going to be while getting their GEDs out of the way. Young adults enthusiastic about life, they try their best to do good in school. They care about their classmates and help each other out whatever the circumstances may be.


Everyone is determined to make something better of themselves, so they are determined to set goals and complete them quickly.


My classmates are very diverse with regards to race and age.


My classmates are both motivated and supportive in that each comes from a background which is unique, in some cases challenging, and most are willing to share helpful information and encouraging advice for every path you may encounter and travel.


My classmates are diverse and ambitious, in a sense that each one of them has a set of goals they want to achieve, in order to improve their lives.


Some are devoted, some have no idea where they are going or what they want to do; others give up and drop out because video games and friends are more important than schooling. Some know what they want and where they are going and how they are going to get there. Others know where they want to go, but have no idea how or what steps are needed to get there. There's a lot of confusion for students at this time and most don't know where or who to ask.


My classmates come from all different cities; they are between the low and middle class, and are all working hard to get an education.


My classmates are very different from my high school friends. They have a passion inside of them and the strength the beat al odds against them. They listen and understand other point of views. They are eager to learn and not only pass the test with the information but also be able to teach it to others as well. They are extremely helpful but not because it feels good to help others but also because they have been there before.


The classmates are respectful and for the most part, eager to learn, I've not come across a class that the students have made unenjoyable.