Mt San Jacinto Community College District Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Convenience and care. The school has many satellite locations which makes education available all over the valley, and the staff is always on the side of the student to help progress their education.


Mount San Jacinto is the second fastest growing community college in the U.S. This can be a positive and a negative because they have a variety of people going there but it is also harder to get into the classes that people need. If the school could get more funding from the state next year, they will better serve the students attending.


When i was in high school there was always a individual that was awarded. My school embraced students to better themselves by taking a class that would lead them to what they wanted to achieve goal wise. My school is best for inspriring students to better themselves. It was always about the students. My teachers were always at hand and foot to tell us college was a great experience to have and a privilege to take and helped guide student's to success.


My school is best known for thier biology department. The biology courses offered at MSJC are rigorous but they will definitely prepare you for the next step in your education at a 4 year university.


Mt San Jacinto College is very well known in our area, as it offers a wide variety of subjects for students to obtain associates degrees or certificates, as well as transfer to a 4-year university.