Muhlenberg College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A gorgeous liberal-arts college that embraces rigourous intellectualism and collaborative, cross-disciplinary thinking.


In my opinion, Muhlenberg is the college that everyone needs to go to but doesn't realize it. The classes are small enough that the faculty can give active attention to each student. The faculty make a huge effort to get to know their students and to help them. Furthermore, everyone is really kind and considerate on campus, from the dining service faculty to all the students. It's not called "the caring college" for nothing. It's a small school with a lot of spirit and there really is a place for everyone.


Great academic school, great reputation


Muhlenberg is a small, liberal arts school that is strong in academics and strong in arts and sports as well.


Muhlenberg College is a small, private, liberal arts institution that prepares students for the real world by emphasizing pesonal growth and exploration, academic integrity, and the importance of critical thinking and analysis in all aspects of our lives.


Caring, friendly, receptive, hard-working, beautiful campus, sometimes too stuck in it's own little "bubble" not as repsoncive to the "outside world" as it should be


Very friendly, caring, active, and challenging.


It's very strong academically, athletically (for a div. III school), and artistically, and most people here want to have a good time.