Muhlenberg College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There is a huge LGBT community at Berg, and I'd say its greatly accepted. in terms of diversity with race and ethnicity, it is virtually nonexistent. Most students are white from New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania, and most students are probably upper/middle class.


As I said before, Muhlenberg is definitely a very diverse school when it comes to religious, sexual orientation, or even socio-economic class. Approximately 65% of students on campus receive some form of financial aid, ranging from student loans to work study. I would definitely say that the students here at 'Berg are extremely accepting of everyone, and in all honesty, there are very few people that would not be able to find there own niche here. Being a liberal arts school we have so much to offer, I could not imagine finding at least two things that students would enjoying pursuing, studying, or being involved in here on campus. In terms of simple things like what students wear, I would definitely say that each student has their own unique sense of style. Walking talking Academic Row, it's not unusual to pass people wearing their Muhlenberg hoodie or sweats. There is definitely a lot of school spirit, which is definitely obvious when you see so many students wearing 'Berg wear and almost all the cars parked in the student lots with Muhlenberg stickers. The dining facilities are in the middle of being completely renovated. The new student restaurant, which promises to be one of the most state-of-the-art in the Northeast, is set to be complete around August 3rd, 2010. It will include things like a new Kosher station, international station, salad tossing area, and brick oven for pizzas. I can tell you all of the students here are definitely looking forward to this new addition! Most students at 'Berg do tend to come from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, but there are also many students from the Northeast, and even throughout the country. Two of my closest friends are from New Orleans and South Carolina, so it's not unusual to find students from throughout the country attending 'Berg.


Muhlenberg students may not look very different on the outside all of the time, but definitely represent a plethora of different religious, socio-economic, and LGBT backgrounds. As previously mentioned, about 1/3 of students are Jewish, 1/3 are Catholic, and 1/3 Protestant. While many students tend to think that everyone comes from wealthy backgrounds, these stereotypes are broken during first-year Orientation Weekend with the Sedehi Diversity Project. The project encompasses, six or seven students who have gone around campus asking students, faculty, and staff their opinion on diversity. They then take the lines verbatim and compile them into sections for a theatrical production where the students embody those who they have interviewed. Sections of the show include race, religion, LGBT, Allentown stereotypes, and socio-economic issues. So while many students may come from a wealthy background, that's not to say that students from other socio-economic classes aren't welcome. All Muhlenberg students should feel privileged to be able to come to our college and gain life experiences as well as a great education. The great thing about Muhlenberg's student body is the fact that because we are such a small campus, everyone is able to have friends from all different walks of life. When you go to a sporting event, the athletes live on your floor, when you go to a dance show or theatrical production, the actors and set designers are in another club with you - high school stereotypes and cliques dissolve on this campus. Students can also take an active role in politics in our College Republicans and College Democrats and work on political campaigns in the Allentown area. Another great thing about our campus is again, how down to earth students are. Regardless of backgrounds, I have never heard anyone talk about how much money they do or do not have, how much money they plan to make in the future, or how much they have in their bank account - students here feel privileged to be a part of such a great campus.


At first glance, most of my classmates seem like your normal kids-next-door from middle-class households in the suburbs, but, once you look closer than the surface, you see that not everyone is so cookie-cutter; everyone brings something different to the table because everyone has their own individual passion that they take with them to Muhlenberg and expand upon during their time here.


Energetic, dedicated individuals who know what they want out of life because they have been through numerous situations which have made them stronger, more driven people.


My classmates all had very diverse interests.


Mostly privileged middle-upperclass white students who let out their academic and social stress/anger by consuming large amounts of alcohol. The small faction of students who care, however, try really hard to be academically driven while contributing to society by volunteering, cutting back on their carbon foot prints, and tutoring.


My classmates were very caring and formed very close bonds with one another.


They are artistic and fun. Friendly outgoing and willing to have a good time. Theatre sudents can sometimes be overbearing, and a little stuck up. Actually a lot of the student body is homogenous and un repsonsive to diversity wihtin the campus. Many don't care about the lack there of, and are okay with it. But there are a good group of students who are open minded, accepting, and loving (whom I hang out with!)


I have had great experiences with the student body here at Muhlenberg. Coming from California it was extremely important for me to feel comfortable with the students here. I wanted to find people that I could relate to and create lasting friendships with and this is exactly what I’ve found. Overall, we have a quite politically active campus, especially recently with the Presidential Election. We had Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden all speak on campus in the months before the election. As you may be able to tell we do have mostly students that lean to the left, but we do have an active College Republicans club on campus.


Eager, inquisitive, engaged, intelligent, rational, well-prepared, liberal, open-minded


Somewhat diverse but for the most part white kids from upper middle class families.


My classmates are very flexible, sociable, friendly, creative, and intelligent.


All of my classmates at Muhlenberg are academically driven.


Everyone at Muhlenberg is very friendly and genuinely cares about one another. Students always lend a helping hand.


We are all weird, crazy, fun, friendly and also self-absorbed.