Muhlenberg College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I absolutely love Muhlenberg. It is such a warm place. For me, the size is just right. Allentown itself isn't really utilized by students except to go to Panera or get Asian food; other than that people really tend to stay on campus. School pride for football is minimal, but some people go to soccer and basketball games and they can be a lot of fun.


One of the things that I mention on every single one of my tours is my love and pride for Muhlenberg. Coming from a small private school, I knew that I wanted a smaller college where there would not only be classroom interaction with the teachers, but they would actually know my name and be invested in my education. It is safe to say that 'Berg faculty and staff definitely fit this description! From holding office hours every week, to going on short trips abroad to places like Costa Rica, China, and Peru, the teachers really spend a great deal of time with their students and really want you to succeed. While 'Berg is a small school, with about 2,200 students, there are constantly new people to meet and friends to make! Never a day goes by here on campus that I'm not being introduced to someone through one of my friends, or meeting someone new through one of my activities. Situated in Allentown, the third largest city in Pennsylvania, there is always plenty to do both on and off campus. Whether it's getting something to eat in Downtown Allentown or going to the Rave movie theater at the Saucon Valley Promenade, there is plenty to do in the Lehigh Valley area. On campus, however, you'll find that there's never a dull moment! From a capella performances, to football games, to theater productions and bagel brunch, there's always plenty to do. I would definitely say that if you could see yourself at a smaller school, taking classes in all areas from neuroscience to printmaking, enjoy attending sports games and theater productions, and simply want to have an amazing four years at college, then Muhlenberg could definitely be for you!


Most students would agree that Muhlenberg truly is a home away from home. Muhlenberg students first experience the welcoming atmosphere over Orientation Weekend where they are greeted in the early morning hours by Student Advisors who unpack their cars and carry all of their college gear right up to their new dorm room and the welcoming caring environment lasts right through Baccalaureate and Commencement four years later as they leave the Red Doors behind them. Everyone on the campus - students, faculty, and staff, provide a welcoming feeling to any environment be it the classroom, dorms, extracurriculars or even in the workplace. While many people think the campus is small it definitely has its benefits; students here are not just a name on a paper or a face in the classroom, they can be active participants and make a difference in any aspect of campus life. Professors WILL know students names and WILL treat them as equals, valuing opinions and engaging in conversation that reaches much further than textbook material. As a result, students feel that their voices can and will be heard. On campus, students spend quite a bit of time in our Student Union which is currently going under renovation (set to be done August 3, 2010!) either at the couches by Java Joe's where Starbucks coffee is brewed, General's Quarters where they can grab sushi to go, or even on the lawn in front of Academic Row. Other than that, students can go just a few streets down right into the heart of Allentown where they have a great (and cheap) Farmer's Market, authentic Mexican and other ethnic restaurants, movie theaters, and two Muhlenberg-student-friendly night clubs. Students begin their relationship with administration right after they decide Muhlenberg is the place for them! In June, students come for June Advising where they are matched with a professor or department head in which they have expressed interest and pick out their classes for the following Fall semester. After that, students and their families head over to the President's house to sign the Matriculation Ledger and take pictures for Mom of course! Students also sit on many committees and panels with administration to gain student feedback and really hear the voice of the student body. Clearly, Muhlenberg is a place where student involvement is quite the opposite of rare; in fact it is rarer for students to be uninvolved with their heads buried in textbooks.


Overall, I love Muhlenberg. As a student that comes from across the country, I could not have been happier with my decision to go to Muhlenberg. I have never felt so at home while being so far from home. I think that my love for this college is proven by the amount of activities that I do here. I want to involve myself as much as I can and help improve any areas that need it. This college has often been referred to as the “caring college” and however cliché this sounds, it is something that I see everyday. People here really love it and have a lot of pride in their college. Of course, Muhlenberg is not perfect and really no college is- but overall I have been very happy with my experiences here and have loved every second that I’ve spent on this campus. The professors are amazing and the small class sizes are optimal for my studies.