Muhlenberg College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A student that is looking for an easy education and have an imbalanced life between their social life and acedemic life. The professors want you to succeed, but will make you work for it by challenging your original thoughts and beliefs to see all aspects of a concept. However, the rewards are worth the hard work and dedication.


Someone who think they can slack off and still get an A. If someone isn't interested in gettngative involved in campus then this campus is not for them. In order to fully take advantage of all of th opportunities here you must, must, must get as involved ass humanly possible.


career track people


shy, lazy, someone going to school because it's the thing to do


Someone who is so sure of themself they come off as arrogent. Someone who does not want to be challenged


People who are not time efficent should not attend Muhlenberg. It is very important to stay on top of one's academics here. Ifdone right, the workload is managable. It is very important to find that balance between social life and academic life. When one has mastered that at Muhlenberg, he or she will have a very rewarding experience.


A person who is too quiet or too loud. We want more diversity.


someone looking for a large campus


very conservative-minded people, anyone who is looking for a large party school, someone who is not academically oriented


Someone who is looking for a lot of racial and cultural diversity shouldn't attend this school.


Anyone who's apathetic about the vast majority of the universe