Muhlenberg College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The weather is really frustrating. Since we live in the Lehigh Valley, precipitation just naturally pours right in there. We have had weeks go by without seeing any sun. The dining hall hours are annoying as well. On the weekends, they close the dining hall at seven, just when most people are wanting to eat. There are other places to eat on campus, but almost everyone eats in the dining hall.


The same people tend to get cast into school productions.


The most frustrating thing about Muhlenberg is that there are so many cliques. With that said, it is difficult for people to make a variety of friends.


I can't think of anything that frustrated me that hasn't been fixed.


A lot of crime lately, the campus police need to patrol more. Someone walked on my car!


It can be frustrating to see how other students take money for granted! I always hear about how other students are going to these foreign countries like it is no big deal. In addition the money other students spend on alcohol seems like a waste to me. I even saw a kid with a big screen TV that covered almost the entire wall! Despite this, I am grateful for what I have and am happy to be attending a prestigous institution.


Surrounding areas- not much in walking distance