Multnomah University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I like to tell them how much I am learning about the Bible and my major. Sometimes I tell them about my friends. I really like the location of the school and that I get to explore the city. I love the city's culture.


The quality of the education received.


I have gotten a solid Biblical foundation. I have also had many opportunities to network with people in my field of study, via international relations/ ESL. I also love the relationship students and teachers have.


The things that a brag about the most are that it is a friendly school, that the teachers and faculty care about how you are doing both academically and spiritually, and it is a school where you do not have to hide what you believe. The other thing that I love about my school is that every student is eager to learn about the Lord and is willing to sit down and talk about the Lord. This is cool because to learn this way is amazing because everyone is interested in the same thing.


The Profs. and the Portland, Or location; skiing, hiking, swimming, surfing (all types), the art and music community, the coffee shops and pubs.