Murray State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Murray State University is a school filled with amazing faculty and students that will help me achieve the goals for my future.


Murray State is an awesome school that provides friendly people, a beautiful campus, great teachers, and valuable resources.


In my opinion Murray State Univeristy is one of the best colleges in the world.


Murray State University is an incredible, academically sound, community supported campus that consists of people who are friendly, southern, and committed to making other people feel welcomed while providing a top-notch education experience.


My school is perfect.


Murray State University has a large university feel with small class sizes and kind, caring faculty and staff.


A friendly environment with access to many resources and a large availability for help when needed.


Murray State is very diverse.


Murray State University is an amazing school with an amazing faculty that truly wants their students to succeed.


it is a small school where everyone at the school is friendly and knows who you are.


A great place to learn and meet new people.


Murray State University is unique, welcoming, and prosperous.


I would describe myself as someone who is consistently growing and takes time to continually learn by putting everythingI have into my work and studies.


Murray State is an incredible "bang for your buck" university because they provide a great education for an extremely low price, while still placing a high priority on campus activities and getting students involved.


Small town, good quality school at an affordable price!


I think the Murray State University provides me with the best education that I can recieve in my major. The campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly.


My school, Murrray State University is a school of not only learning but for new experiences.


Murray State University is a school that is focused on the building of well rounded, real world prepared individuals, as well as the success of those individuals upon graduation.


Murray State is the best college in the state and allows each student with ample opportunities for professional, personal, and academic growth.


Murray State University is a very Sport Centered School.


Murray State is very friendly, bringing in many international students, has great facilities, programs, and facilities for students.


MSU is so much better than the school I last attended and I'm very happy with the friendly faces and staff. Go Racers!


Murray State becomes your home, as long as you get involved and put effort forth in your education, you will feel a sense of community; it is the most supportive and open place I have ever lived in, every one is friendly and welcoming.


This school is like one big family with tons of fun things to do all the time!




My school is a small one the prides it self on a personal student professor relationship. Also the university wants having all of its students being actively involved in the in the murray state community whether it be in academics, a job on campus, intramurals, a frateriaty/sorority, with your residential college, or one of the many student oranizations.


Murray State University encompasses everything a student could need and want including a breathtaking campus, an extensive health and wellness center, student and faculty integration, multiple on-campus libraries, state-of-the-art programs and buildings, and numerous opportunities to get involved in both the campus and community that truly give the full college experience.


Murray State is the home to a diverse group of individuals who constantly come together to grow and learn, it is the most friendly and wonderful place to start your journey to success.


Murray State University offers a wide variety of options for non-traditional students such as myself. With local campuses across Kentucky, online options, and ITV facilities, it is perfect for students who have jobs and families to support.


A larger university that seems to still be quite informal and the people seem to be very friendly and assuming that might be because of the southern hospitality in that area in which it's located.


Murray is a very open, accepting place that makes you feel like youre living at home


Murray State University is: Student oriented, family friendly, and an all around friendly place to be.


Murray State University is a fun and exciting place that is welcoming and educating for EVERYONE.


A fun and enriching campis that has a variety of clubs and activities to promote student learning and keep them entertained in their free time.


Murray State University is a very diverse and academically challenging school.


Challenging students to master their respective fields to ultimately achieve full time employment


Murray State University is a diverse and academically focused school that provides superb education to its' students while at the same time giving them an engaging and memorable college experience.


Friendly, fun, and the people there make you feel like your part of a big community.


My school is very awesome and diverse.


Murray is a great school for me; it's the perfect size and has a wonderful community, on and off campus.


Murray state is more than a school, it's my home away from home and has set me up for a great future.


Murray State is located in a small town in the southern part of Kentucky with thousands of the nicest and most helpful people from all over the world from different countries and different states in the USA, and each person has their own story and their own character; everyone is so Unique, and the School it self has such a wonderful scenary with the best programs for anybody and everybody.


Murray State is a rural, friendly university perfect for anyone from agriculture majors to engineering.


Friendly,helpful, caringing peers and staff.


Murray State University is home.


Murraystate University is an educational tool for success. Any help I needed or financial assistance for the most part was given to me. The programs on campuse like Student Support Services was the best help this university could have offered me. This university stands for equal opportunity and do not tolerate racism or discrimination. They also offer free tutoring programs for those who need extra help in every subject. I love this school. If I had a choice to do it all over again i would choose this same university.


My school is a enlighted with such wonderful opportunities for the students and staff in order to better their lifes, and help them be the person they once dreamed of. Murray State is a great school in general, because everything a student would ever need while in the process of earning his/her degree is implemented at Murray State University.


Murray State University is a very exciting, fun, energetic place to learn and meet all kinds of new friends from all over the world.


Murray State University is located in a small rural town offering an excellent educational environment and atmosphere.


Murray State University is a great school that can help anyone achieve their dreams.