Murray State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The people at my school are so much fun. We only have 10,00+ students, so it's not the biggest. But people here are so friendly. It's so easy to make friends. And if you don't know where to start, there is always so much going on at the school that it's nearly impossible to not make friends, if you just go out and be active in the school life. The school itself goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is connected to someone in some way. It's like we are one huge family.


My classmates are considerate and very helpful.


My classmates were friendly, but not always personable.


My classmates are helpful and friendly, we help each other study and encourage each other to do well!


there are so awesome and talented


in 300 and 400 level classes my peers are driven and focused but 100 and 200 level classes students seemed to struggle with grasping the material or maybe not knowing how to study and learn it.


In undergrad, many of my classmates were highly motivated and set high expectations for themselves.


My fellow students are inquizitive & helpfull, they understand there are No stupid questions. With me being generally the eldest in the class I am usally outdated in my talents, yet the other students are readily available to assist me. Thank God for the younger students and their ability to navigate the computer, with out them I would have given up.


My classmates at MSU are relatively the same as the classmates that I encountered at the high school I attended; they all seem determined and eager to learn.


My classmates are great! well i don't get the chance to know each one very well due to the amount of students in each class. However, it is alot different than highschool. In fact, it is better. My classmates are mature adults who come to class because they want to succeed in college and in the future. They are responsible and take notes. If help is needed i can easily obtain it through one of them. No one forces them to come to class, so i know that they actually want to.


They are quiet, and concentrate hard in class. They seem hard working and very smart.


My classmates are very diverse and come from many different places, however they are similiar in their pursuit for furthering their education.


My classmates are very friendly and won't fret to help with anything you may be having problems with.


My classmates are friendly, caring, and helpful; they are concerned that the people around them succeed as much as they do.


My classmates are very diverse.


Once you are in your classes for yor major your classmates are more like family.


I feel very at home with all of my classmates, they are warming and always there to help you out when you need it.


My classmates, while there are always those who don't put forth the effort, are very hard workers, do well in their classes, and enjoy their time at Murray


The classmates at this school are generally friendly, focused, and willing to help friends who might be struggling.


They are focused & enjoy the small class sizes.


My classmates, for the most part, have been extremely friendly and helpful. I have made friends I would have never thought I would make, and they have helped me to succeed in my classes as well as outside the classroom.


At Murray State University, the students are very well rounded; the majority of them are very kind and open, and accept the differences of the other students attending the university.


Classmates are both friendly and helpful, while being a bit stand-offish and connected with their select cliques at the same time. They are hard to read and it is difficult to make friends in new classes until pushing for a while through the semester.


With so much potential, my classmates at Murray State University are generous, social, accepting and caring of all people.


Ready to learn all that they can.


All classmates are very friendly and willng to help.


My classmates are the most caring, and considerate people I have ever met and a lot of them will be lifelong friends.


In my classes a lot of my classmates are very driven. They are striving for experiences that will help them in their future endeavors and they are looking for anything that will help them learn the information presented in class. They are very passionate and willing to help people who are going through classes that they have completed.


Classmates are over all conservative but open minded.


Classes haven't starte yet, so i haven't had the pleasure of meeting classmates.


My classmates strive just as hard as I and they are also very determined to make good grades and have an awesome educational background.


My friends are supportive, outgoing and friendly. Most of my friends are from the same area of study and/or fraternity.


My classmates are awesome and super helpful when it comes to studying and


Very friendly and helpful.


My classmates for the most part are focused in on succeeding at their studies.


Always fun to work with. Each student usually hold up their responsibilites and there's usually no problems. Since it is a small town, usually everyone knows everyone already in the classroom - and if they don't, everyone is friendly enough to get to know.


My classmates have been friendly, nice, and eager.


Most of the classmates are extremly friendly however most people here are very close minded and not open to other cultures.


My classmates are easy to get along with, understanding, and extremely unique people who have a large heart and will always help out their peers.


My Classmates at murray state arent classmates they are family,thats how amazing Murray State University is!


My classmates are and have always been great. Classmates and students at Murray State University are some of the most supportive individuals i've ever got the chance to meet. Everyone seem to want the best for the next person and that's exactly what i seek in classmates.


My classmates are mostly frat boys that only socialize with their own brothers.


Familiar. They are not people I grew up with, but they are so similar in speech and mannerisms it's hard to think that I didn't go to highschool with them. It's easy to make friends because everyone is so friendly and outgoing.


There are a wide variety of students at MSU. When going to class, most students dress casual and in sweats or jeans and tshirts. Many students are from surrounding areas in Kentucky, but there are also many students from out of state. I do not think any student would feel out of place because theres a wide range of students whether that be racially, religiously, or just in interests.


LGBT is very accepting and open. I have not seen a lot of harassment from other groups, which is surprising since it is such a religious town. There is a group called Chris Ambassadors which is very open to letting people join and Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) which has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. A lot of people are very open-minded and accepting in town. There is a personality to fit anyone's profile as a "friend".


Murray State University prides itself on the diversity of its student body. We have a very active Gay-Straight Alliance Group, several church services right on campus, and a vibrant International student community. There are also active groups for both democratic and republican parties, so everyone can have a chance to express themselves and meet other people with similar goals and ideals.


The students here are much like the stereotype. They are friendly even to complete strangers.


My classmates are pretty much average but alot more serious about school than my classmates in high school.


My classmates work hard in the hopes that they will aspire to be a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician one day. We work together when we are confused, and we support each other when there is need.


My classmates are generally focused and easy to talk to and form groups with.