Murray State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It is best known for it carrer readiness and placement. A great number of people that graduate from Murray State University are able to get very good jobs right out of school. It is a very well recognized college in many areas. There are many employers that come to the campus seeking new employees. The university also does a great job of preparing students to go out and use their degree. They encourage internships and push students towards success.


I believe Murray State University is best known for our community. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Everyone here is so wonderful and nice to each other, and everyone is very friendly, whether you are talking to a professor, office worker, or another student! We have things like Residential Colleges and Intramural Sports that can give way to friendly competition, and is also a great way to meet people! Plus, almost every organization on campus, from the Honors Program to the Greeks, has philanthropic events that give back to the community that gives us so much support!


Education Program


Murray State is known for consistently having one of the best Occupational Safety and Health departments in the country.


Murray State is best known for their Ocupational Safety and Health department, the job opportunities this major provides is unbelievable!


Murray State University possesses a unique sense of family within the campus. As a well-rounded school, the staff members are approachable and considerate of the needs of students. The teachers have the students’ interests in mind and will gladly assist when appropriate. This unity then furthers a student’s education and their likelihood for success within the academic and working world.




Murray is best know for its agriculture department.


My school Murray State University is best known for being an buisiness school . Even though i dont major in buisness at Murray State i still think the school provides a good education.Murray State is also known for having a high graduation rate. The graduation rate was one reason why i wanted to attend Murray state.


Murray State University is best known for their outstanding Fine Arts department. They are one of the top in the United States.


Murray State is best known for their education department. When the school started in 1923 it started as a school for teachers and is still widely known for its education department.


Murray is a four year school that is known for being in an extremely friendly town.


Murray, KY is the friendliest small town in the United States, however Murray State is known for our Football and Basketball team


The agriculture department


Murray State is probably best known for its basketball team. They are awesome! The games are intense and so exciting to be a part of in the stands. The school may also be best known for its residential college set up. Instead of dorms, students living on campus live in residential colleges. Each building acts like its own college, with its own college head and intermural sports teams that compete against each other.


I would have to say we are best known for our basketball team.


Murray State University is best known for its "small town" atmosphere. The campus is much smaller than the University of Kentucky, which is very helpful when it comes to walking to class.


Murray State is best known for its agriculture programs. It's one of the best in the state. Even though it's not my major, students in this programs get a lot of hands on experience. For examples, students in the equine program have the choice of bringing their horse and keeping it at the stables.


Well... right now Murray State University is known for its basketball team.


When discussing murray State University with others i think the thing that comes to mind for most people who have visited the campus is the beautiful environment and friendly faces. I know that after one visit to murray I knew it was the place for me because i felt so welcomed on their campus. murray state takes pride in the appearience of their school and the integrity of their students.


Murray State University is best know for it's small town friendliness. Everyone is always so willing to help you in any way possible. This is not only the students, but the factulty and staff also.


Since it's 2011 season, Murray has been best known for it's basketball playing skills. Though that prowess has dimished in years since, our basketball program is something known well state-wide and celebrated by its students.


My school is best know for there study abroad program, they have lots of countries that we can visit. They also have many different programs for study abroad. We can visit over 100 different countries and they have lots of internships and classes that we can be invovled in. Recently we have been known for our basketball team and being one of the top universites in the nation.


The widest range of International Studies and Students.


Our school is known for being friendly.


Murray State is known for excellent teachers who really care about students learning and many opportunities for students to particpate in on campus activities


I think they are known for their friendly atmosphere and their agriculture and nursing programs.


Murray is one of the best voted schools in the country (in the top 10). Also it resides in what is known as the friendlyest town in Kentucky.


My school is best known for their understanding, hardworking perfessiors and their great courses.


I might have a slight bias, since it's my department, but Murray seems to be well known for its Agriculture department. We have many farms here very close to campus that are closely tied to the on-goings of the campus.


Producing graduates


The Business program, but also for being in America's friendliest town and being in the top colleges for twenty-one years running. That is the employees' opinion. Among students it is best known for its medium size and the low tuition for a such a good education.


My favorite tradition is all campus sing. It is a singing and dancing competition between the residential colleges, groups, sororities and fraternities. It is a great show to watch. The whole school groups in front of lovetee auditorium and we all have a great time together.


Our school is best known for its strong major programs and being able to meet the needs of students in various majors and degrees. We may not have the best food and our basketball team may lose now and then, but our school has great spirit.


Best deal on a public universtity, top 100 colleges in America. One of the top citys to live in America.


Murray State University is well-known throughout the nation for its very successful Nursing and Education programs. I am proud to call myself a member of the Nursing Program, the most difficult major offered here according to students, and I am strongly looking forward to continuing myjourney through the program. MSU is also known for its extremely successful basketball program, with 33 Ohio Valley Conference Championships and 13 NCAA Tournament appearances.


We are known as Ketucky's Public Ivy League University and we are always ranked in national magazines.


The agriculture program. It is also the only school in the state to have an Masters program for Nursing Anesthesia and Nurse Practitioner.


Murray State University is best known for its small town feel and friendly community. There is plenty of activities to keep students busy and a safe place at any hour.


i dont know.


drinking, cut throat studying


High education at a low cost.