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The unique thing about my school is the huge variety of people that are on campus.


The most unique trait of Murray State University is the diversity. I have never seen a place so interratical. We have students and teachers from 9 different countries. It is a wonderful thing because you can learn so much about how things are from different students. With all of this diversity, you get an expierence of being in the real world. It is so nice to see all sorts of faces as you walk to class.


Murray State University is unique in the fact that some of the programs allow students to attend community college and the university at the same time while pursuing his/her degree. Murray State has one of the top rated basketball teams around and people drive for miles to sit in the stands and watch the athletes play. Murray State takes their role in providing students with the best education very seriously and truly care about the students. They go out of their way to ensure students get the help they need.


Murray State is truly a home away from home! Not only are you in a home environment with your fellow students and faculty, but the community also serves as a big brother to all the students at Murray State. I am in a sorority and we have adult advisors that help us with anything like finding a job, homework, a hot meal, being sick etc. My parents have felt much more at ease with me having a few people almost like extended family to count on in emergencies.!


The campus seems to be more relaxing than the other schools. There is a lot of open space, and the people are also seem to be more friendly than the other schools I had considered. Murray State is in a little town, but you wouldn't know it because you stay pretty busy on campus. They offer quite a bit of extracurricular activities as well. The number of different majors and minors is numerous as well.


Murray is not a big school and the size of the classrooms are like high school. The teachers gets to know each and every student in that class by name and faces. The campus is very safe and everyone on campus is genuinely nice.


Murray State University is a awesome college. Murray is just the right size for someone who is not comfortable with big places. Murray is one of the nicest colleges you will every see. Everyone is nice and welcoming when the new year starts. There is no where else that I would want to be when beginning my jouney into college. I have already met many friends that I will remeber for the rest of my life. If someone were to ask my opinion of what college I would recommend I would suggest Murray State University.


This is a fairly close nit community.


We have many unique things about Murray State. First, at our football games, everytime we score a touchdown Racer One (A horse) runs around the track. Secondly, We have a "Shoe Tree" which is a tree on campus with shoes nailed to it with dates on them. If people meet at Murray and get married, it is tradition to nail a shoe to the tree with their wedding date. Finally, we have "All Campus Sing" which is a singing competition help outside on the steps of Lovett Auditorium. I have participated in it last year and will again this spring.


One aspect about my college that is unique is that it is a smaller college, so it is very easy to meet a lot of people and be known by a lot peole at the university.


Murray State University sparked my interest and made my school choice that much easier because the students and staff are some of the respectful and supporitve people I've ever got the chance to meet. Murray State location and feel is very student friendly and makes for such an easy place to get use to and causes you to be the best person you can be. Another aspect about Murray State University that makes it unique is the various types of degrees and career paths students can choose from that is not like anything I've ever seen before.


Murray State has an extremeley friendly community and the city of Murray was even named The Friendliest Small Town by Forbes. Everyone knows everyone and you wont get that at a big city University.


Although I do not beleive they are wise in spending they are very well funded and have some very gifted/intelligent professors atleast in the Pre-med Department.


Murray State University is a school that utilizes the Residential College housing system. It is designed to take the dorm experience to the next level by promoting community among each individual college and unity among all the residential colleges combined. This system places students in an environment that focuses on personal growth and promotes friendship through the use of Residential Advisor programs, Residential College Council meetings, intramural sports, and other events. Murray State University also offers First Year Leaders for first year students to act as guides and peer mentors during the adjustment to college life.


Murray State University is very student-oriented compared to many other large universities in that Murray instructors actually care about their students' wellbeing and studies. Professors at other universities tend to worry less about how well the students understand the class material and care more about whether they are covering the material that is supposed to be covered.


Murray State feels like home. It has a great college-life atmosphere and is inviting to all different diverse populations. I love Murray State so much that I transferred schools due to an economic family problem and sickness, but am now back at Murray for the long haul! Where else can you be a Racer?? (:


I only considered Murray State University. I feel it is a great school with teachers who care about their student's education.


The residence halls.


Murray State University is a small campus with a big university feel. The classes are small so learning has a more personal feel compared to larger universities with large class sizes. Murray State also explodes with school pride and has a welcoming atmosphere.


lots of hands on work, close to home, great ag college and veterinary college


My school has a very outstading staff that will help you with anything and everything. Every chance they get there asking you do you need help or if they can't get you the help you need they will refer you in the right direction. And there so nice and make you feel comfortable about anything even if your not doing well in a class they won't judge you. They'll provide you with the resoursces and their main goal is to see you succed.


Murray State is unique in its size and affordability to attend. also, this school is very welcoming and very comforting by how the teachers and staff go about business to only help you in the most positive way.


There is a real sense of community here at MSU; there's something for everyone. We have a strong greek life, but schoolwork always comes before any extra-curricular activities; there are lots of GPA requirements. They really went out of their way to recruit me rather than just let me slide by. Students have many opportunities to tour the campus and sit in on classes before enrollment. Almost ever major has some sort of internship/realy life experience you must complete before graduation, leaving you very prepared for your future career.


Murray State is unique because of its small town feel


This was the smallest school that I looked at; we currently have almost 11,000 students. Murray was also the smallest town that I considered. This helps in a way that the classes are smaller so you get a more personal experience and your teachers really get to know you and help you out. Murray State also has a really good basketball team and not a great football team. I am a football fan, not basketball so that was new!


What I like is the uniqueness of the size of the town which is the small town feel that I like. Yet the school is mid sized and capable to doing a great job in many areas of learning.


The residential colleges have "teams" and do things together. The halls have certain events for the peopleliving there to keep everhting interesting.


Murray State University is close to home, and my family has a history there. The Art Department, among others, has been particularly valuable in terms of the quality of teaching and availability of advising in terms of academic performance and preparation for professional career choices.


Explained by previous answers


I love the fact that it is a smaller school, and that the atmosphere is so welcoming. The staff there genuinely care about the students and how they are doing. The town that it is located in is welcoming as well, and has even earned the friendliest small town in America title given by USA Today Travel. The overall feel of the school is that of a friendly atmosphere where they will make sure that you will be taken care of and have fun, and will be given an excellant education while you are at it.


The most unique aspect about my school is even though Murray State is a "state school" one feels as if they are receiving a private school education due to quality of the education. The classes and town the school is located in are relatively small and the professors have a very good connection with their students. There is a "small town" and closeness with the locals and the students. There is definitely a feeling of community and unity at Murray State; what I would consider a brother/sisterhood. There definitely is a all for one, one for all mentality.


Following the trend of schools such as Yale, Murray State University is one of the few public schools to use the residential college system. Instead of "dorms", Murray has "residential colleges" where their students reside. With this system, it provides almost like a college within a college. Each residential college has their own organizations, intermural sports teams and other activities that make them unique. In my own experience, this has made it easier for me to adjust to the college atmosphere and makes it easier to make friends and become involved.


Love it here, please check it out. I have met very few who are not happy at Murray State.


The reason why I considered attending Murray State University is because it is a small 4-year college and the tuition isn't very high. I like being in small classes because then you get more attention from your professors and the enviroment is one on one. The school is the perfect distance away from home, 4 hours away, close enough to drive, but far enough to give me a sense of independence. The campus enviroment is easy to get around with modest means of transportation.


Murray is bland and stuck in the middle of nowhere.


That every student can have personal attention, while still having a big university enviornment.


Murray is unique, it has the perfect balance of work and play


Murray State University is like a big family. Everyone knows everyone.


The university is the main focus/population of the town. It isn't near any interstates and there aren't any larger cities within one hour of the small town.


We pride ourselves in our educational programs such as our Agriculture Department, Nursing program, and Science programs. We strive to graduate students and find them jobs in which they will be satisfied with.


Stepping onto Murray State campus is like coming home; there's an instantaneous feeling of acceptance and familiarity that you don't experience anywhere else.


The friendliness


That our school preforms well academically.


Small town university where faculty and staff work together to help the students succeed. They are especially interested in the non-traditional student like myself. I feel the faculty goes out of their way to accomodate the student. For those of us returning to school after a long absense, the encouragement offered is greatly appreciated.


its somewhat smaller so you get to know alot of people and everyone treats you good. theres not alot of fights and gangs, things of that nature because everyone gets along. its like a big family


its provides a small town atmosphere.


Murray State is in a small university with around 10,000 students (more than half of the town's population). I can walk to campus if I want to. The faculty and staff are very approachable. I am not sure that this is unique but it works for me.