Murray State University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


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Our academics are great! I am in the psychology department, and everyone there knows me by name and are very personable. Other departments are much bigger though, such as the nursing program. So I don't know if the teachers are personable with them. In class, we always have discussions, the teachers make the classroom very open for that and make it seem comfortable.


Something you might not realize is that Murray State classes are challenging. The science departments are very hard. I have been in numerous Chemistry and Biology classes and I have had to work very hard to receive a good grade. However, most teachers are very willing to work with you and are extremely helpful.


The classes are fairly small and the professors are easy to talk to one-on-one. The ones that aren't gain a reputation which is sadly helpful for those who are unsure. The classes are challenging enough, but not too challenging that you are hopeless. There is always someone to help and other students available to offer tutoring.


The professors really care about educating the student body and take the time to get to know you on a personal level- as long as you show initiative. Come to learn, and they will show you why we rank as one of the best schools in the Nation. One of my favorite classes would have to be Com 161 - Intro to Public Speaking. This class taught me how to address a groups of people (both large and small), as well it taught me how to be a better listener. Honestly, the class changed my life and I can see my relationships with faculty, friends, and family dramatically improving since the class. Your education here is what you make it. But, if you want to have access to some of the best faculty in a collegiate setting I strongly suggest Murray State University!


This is one of the top rated schools. The academics here are amongst the top of public universities.


Good school. Professors help you to achieve a great balance of academic intelligence and practical life application in classes. We have some super-competitive programs. Others are average. Professors here truly care about students. Most classes beyond the Freshman year Gen.Ed.s are smaller than 50. Some get town to fewer than 15 as your time progresses.


The classes are small and some are challenging, most professors will know your name.