Murray State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When talking to friends about Murray State University I brag about all of our student organizations and how we get many different groups of international students from all different countries! I also brag about how any one can get involved in student organizations!


The professors are easily accessable and are understanding of their students' issues, usually because of the small class sizes.


I brag most about the community of the school and its size. The school is not too big, and not too small. There is a friendly face around every corner and the campus is always kept clean and beautiful. The professors on campus are always helping when you need it, as well as, the other faculty on campus.


I brag the most about the fact that Murray is the friendliest town. Coming from a big city, it is nice to have strangers smile and say hello. It is nice to hear that other people that you don't know care about how you are doing and are willing to help if you need assistance. With those types of people living in the community, it spreads to the campus. Everyone around campus is going to say hello and ask about your day. It is a truley comforting feeling.


This school looks so professional and has many places to relax.


When i tell my friends about Murray, i speak of how much i love. It has a great community. It is small and structured to help each individual students succeed. All my proffesors care for my success. Murray has a high-ranking education program. They help me every step of the way to becoming a great teacher. The people here, while very country compared to my home-town are fun and kind. I enjoy Murray tremendously. I am glad i chose it as my college to attend.


I talk about the Sorority I joined my freshman year, It was the best decision I made. I was never the "Sorority Girl" growing up and I thought it would be a good idea to join and make friends since I went to Murray not knowing anyone. Since then I have met my best friends, roommates, girls that I would be there for and I know they would do the same. I know I have made life long friends by joining my sorority. My sorority has helped me do better in classes, social, and becoming the woman I have became.


It is the perfect size. You can never get to lost while walking to class.


I brag about the quality of my professors. All of the professors have a passion for their academic area that inspires the same passion in students.


Murray State is such a friendly campus and has many opportunities for those living on and off campus. The classes are great and the professers are well educated. They want you to succeed as a student.


The class sizes are perfect for one-on-one interactions between the students and professors. All of my instructors know me by my first name and some know even more about me. My professors are very welcoming for students to come to their offices during office hours for classwork help and advice relating to school and work.


Compared to other schools, this school is more accepting to the LGBTQ community. It also has a lot of study centers, making falling behind really hard to do.


I brag mostly about how small the school is and How professors are able to help you more.


It's a very, very friendly small town with lots of nice people who would go out of their way to help college students. When the Ice Storm of 2009 happened, my room-mate immediately contacted her grandparents and told me to pack my things to go to their house with her, even though her and I haven't known each other for very long nor were we good friends. That's just how hospitable people are here. Also, one time I lost my wallet on campus and a maintenance worker found it and tracked me down to return it.


The small classrooms and the professor are always willing to help you if you need it.


How welcoming and friendly most people are and how professors want you to succeed.


The town of Murray is full of kind people who are open to University students, they welcome us into their arms and the University is now my home.


When I brag about Murray State, I always mention how great the atmosphere is at the campus. Professors, students, and citizens from Murray create a positive and friendly vibe. You feel at home when you are at Murray State and there is always someone who cares about you. From small class sizes to campus wide events, Murray State University provides its students with an incredible educational career and college life.


Although Murray is small, the community stands behind the university 100%. As an athlete, they are our biggest supporters, as an active member of Alpha Delta Pi, they admire our drive to better others, and as a student, they push us to excell things we never thought we could. Murray wasn't voted America's Friendliest Town last year for nothing! With my family and close friends so far away, it's nice to have a home away from home here in Murray, KY.


People are extremely friendly and easy to get along with. There is always someone to make a friend where everywhere you turn


That everyone is so friendly and easily to get along with.


How friendly everyone is here and how willing everyone is to help a person when they are in need.


I brag about the environment my school is in and the endless opportunities that are available.


The family-like relationships that I have with the people that I have met here on campus. I feel very safe here at Murray State, and I am very much enjoying my time here so far.


After attending Murray State for three years, I have nothing but good things to tell others about my school. I am exceedingly proud to say that I attend MSU and am constantly extoling the many agricultural and business programs that I am a part of. Everyone is astonished by the massive farm facilities we have, as well as how caring the faculty and staff are. I also like to tell them how affordable it was and how often we are able to give back to the community and surrounding areas. I have found an overall excellent experience.


Being a music major, I tend to brag about our music department. We have many esteemed musicians and educators teaching our music students. Music education is the main focus here, but their is also music performance and music business. The professors all have plenty of experience in their field, and teach us from that as well as through the textbook, syllabus, etc. We have especially talented chamber ensembles that often travel to conventions and competitions. I especially enjoy the small class sizes, encouraging more one-on-one instruction and really connecting the students and instructors.


It is really clean. There is very little trash and garbage around the school, there are also multiple trash cans placed around the campus. There is also a huge campus spirit. Everywhere you turn you see a Murray State Racer shirt. Plus the student body supports both the football team and the basketball team as well as the Murray State Racer band. The excitement and the spirit is astounding!


I brag about the diversity of our campus and the student life on campus.


The thing I brag about most from Murray State is the feeling of belonging. I was very afraid that by living off-campus I would not feel a part of things going on here yet as soon as I walk to my classes each school day I swell with pride and laugh with whomever I'm lucky enough to meet that day. Everyone has their own story and everyone is excited to hear mine.


The community! Murray State is a smaller school located in a really small town. It is really easy to get to know people at school and in the local community. Our campus is beautiful and the classes are great. I really brag about how pretty it is and how many nice and fun people I have met and befriended. With the combintation of a pretty campus, good community and great schooling, why wouldn't I brag?


Even though I am an "out-of-state" student my tuition is at regional cost because I live in a county that borders Kentucky. Murray State University is only three hours away from my home which is nice because I can visit family and friends during the holidays. The campus is beautiful and has a country-like atmosphere making me feel at home. Murray State University has a large enough student population that you can meet new people everyday and at the same time has an exceedingly friendly environment to feel safe when living on campus or near campus.


How friendly everyone is in Murray


How fun it is down there.


A beautiful school, with faculty that are truly caring and wonderful people. They are outgoing and will meet at times best for you so that you can grasp the material. Greek life on campus is huge and I strongly recommend you join. If you dont, the amount of clubs on this campus are countless and you will find friends that have all the interests you do. A truly great campus that I fully recommend!


I brag about my veterinary classes where I get to work with animals. I love learning about animals and it thrills me to no end to be able to others about all of the great things I am learning about the animals I love. I am very excited about the courses I still need to take to complete my veterinary technician bachelor's degree, and I cannot wait to learn more about animals.


I tell them how great the professors are, they take time in class, outside of class, and out of their schedule to spend time with you and make you feel comfortable with the topics you're studying. I love the history behind this school as well as there is a ton of history and heritage at Murray State University.


My dorm, because I'm in a brand new building! I also brag about the food and the classes. The food is great, and the professors are well educated.


The campus itself is beautiful. All my friends are probably sick and tired of hearing about it.


I brag the most about the large lakes that are not too far away from campus. I also brag that my school has a very quiet and sirene feel no matter where you go on campus. For my more adventurous friends I tell them about its geographical location that it is within an hour of atleast four different cities for exploration. For my friends that have to have 5 star Hotel Accomidations everywhere they go I tell them about the two brand spankin new residential dorms built within the last 2 years.


The teachers are excellent and are always there for any extra assistance you may need. At the beginning of every semester, and throughout, they are sure to remind you of their office hours and contact information. There are also lots of chances to be tutored or even help other students by working as a tutor. There are many opportunities to seek help even with problems other than your schoolwork.


That Murray State University has such a beautiful campus, and they have lots of nice building with wonderful teachers.


I think that this school is very friendly and diverse. Also it is great community full nice students and people. The teachers are great most all of them are really helpful.


The campus is beautiful. My friends and I can always find something to do around campus or around the city. I like to talk about the teachers we have here and how helpful they are to everyone. They truly care about the students and want them to succeed in whatever career they are pursuing.


The cost of the school was cheap.


That even though poeple haven't heard of our school, the sports teams still preform well.


fun greek life.


its close to home! it is just the right size, professors know my name and are able to help me one on one.


I probably brag the most about the size of the university, class sizes, and professor envolvement. I hear too many complaints from my friends at other schools, saying that they're just a number in giant classes. At Murray, you'll walk to class (everything is in walking distance) and definitely know a few of the people you pass, but not necessarily everyone, which makes for awesome opportunities to meet new people, without feeling trapped in a tiny OR overwhelmingly populated school.


I brag that Murray State University is a school that encourages and helps students do well in life.


The small size of the classes, the low tuition and housing costs, as well as Murray's excellent reputation as a top ranked University in the nation.