Murray State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person should attend this school but the best kind of person to attend would be someone who is really excited to learn and work with the teachers and other students and live with a close knit community.


A person who thrives on relationships should attend MSU. The small town and school offer a sense of community. No matter one's race, age, size, religion, etc. wherever one goes at least ten strangers will smile, wave, or greet that person. I have never witnessed a friendlier place. A person who is looking for academic challenges. MSU is home of one of best nursing programs and the nation's best OSHA program. A person who loves to have fun. During the day Murray is a sweet town, but at night it gets wild.


Any will feel at home, but there is a higher average of foreign students at Murray relatively.


A person with an open mind should attend this school.


Almost anyone.


The kind of person that should attend Murray State is a friendly/shy kind of person. They should attend this school because Murray will wipe that shyness away. The people that attend Murray want to make sure you expreince the college life. They also want to make sure you have friends alone the way. This person also needs to be a hardworker, determined and confidence. This person is going to have to work hard and be willing to study to make good grades. The college experience is great but grades are the most important part of college.


I think anybody of any background could be successful at Murray State University. It doesn't matter what religion or political preference you have, you will fit in and do well at this school. It is very diverse with many different kinds of people.


Someone that attends this school should be academic focused and goal-oriented. They should be open to diversity and various cultures. They should also be prepared to get use to constantly changing weather. Rain is very common at this university. Someone who attends this college also should prefer living in a smaller town and attending a smaller university. If an individual wants more of a city life style, this is not the college for them.


Anyone looking for a friendly school environment with knowledgable teachers and at a price that is financially affordable




An open-minded people person who doesn't mind being approached by various groups of people should attend this school.


Anyone aspiring to get a 4-year degree, with small classroom sizes, in a small town, but make lasting relationships.


Honestly, any student would feel at home at Murray State Univerisity. We all share the same pride for being Murray State Racers and are united through countless campus activites. Murray State caters to student's and helps us to achieve our dreams. There are always unique activites to participate in through campus and there are also several different student organizations, where students can truly feel comfortable being themselves.


Murray State University thrives itself on its students. The students that populate Murray are ones who have a passion to not only benefit themselves, but those around them as well. They are very goal driven, and do what it takes to reach that goal. The students at Murray State University are not only kind, but they are caring as well. If you are driven, passionate, caring, and are willing to step out of your comfort zone, then Murray State University is the school for you, and you are the person for Murray State University.


Anyone who is outgoing and ready for a great exciting college experience!


Someone willing to gt explore new things and get involved. Someone who enjoys the southern, family environment.


outgoing, friendly, one who wants to learn


This school is amazing for the people who love the small town feel on campus. It is a short walk to anywhere on campus and there are tons of things to do. The school offers any activity you could think of and it is incredibly easy to get involved and make the most out of your time in college so it is awesome for anyone who likes to have fun, no matter how you have fun. Murray State would be a great college for anyone to attend, which is why I especially love going here.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is searching for a place to belong. There are so many groups to get involved with and so many caring people, that it is almost impossible to not feel welcome. People who are also willing to try new things should attend because there is such a diverse population that it really opens your eyes to other cultures if you're willing to try something new.


Murray State University is unique in that it is very appropriate for the student just finishing high school as well as the senior citizen looking for self-satisfying ways to spend retirement. It is a great school regardless of age.


A person who is interested in learning and growing and invested in their future. Needs to be able to speak up when they need help. Should know what they want. Doesn't mind a small town. Creative-minded people who can entertain themselves.


Definitly someone who is a "people person". The city, students, and faculty are very friendly. Someone who is hardworking, focused, and outgoing. If you attend Murray State know that you are stepping into the Bible belt that is ironically very diverse and cultered.


Well, being a newly transfer student that has not completed any schooling here at all, it would be hard for me to say. I have researched this school for my OSH major I"ve decide on and it is rated among the top.


someone looking for an university but doesn't want to get lost in a larger system.


This is a great fit for anybody and everybody. It is a middle size school with a family feel. The school and community are very close and it feels like home. Everybody feels welcome no matter what kind of person they are. The professors are amazing and willing to help out at all times, and you can walk anywhere you need to go. The campus and city is extremely safe and I have never felt unsafe at any time. Extracurricular activities are important and there are a wide variety. Attending Murray State was the best decision I have ever made!


The type of person who should attend this school is the person who loves being around people, a person who wants to broaden their horizons, and a person who loves learning. When a student is in class, the professors make sure to give their students every bit of knowlede they can. If the prospective student doesn't enjoy that, then Murray State is not the place for them!


A person who is willing to work hard for a degree.


Any type of person would be more than welcome at Murray, I have seen it all.


Murray State is for any type of person! Murray is so diverse so you can fit in anywhere.


It's everything I have ever dreamed of in a college.


Someone who wants a small town feel, but experience a down home and fun college experience. Someone who likes a mid-range campus with a wide variety of degree programs. They should be comfortable with being in a somewhat rural area of Kentucky.


I think that any kind of person should attend this school. Murray offers such a variety of courses and is overall a great university. However, Murray State is located in a somewhat small town. People who are looking for bigger schools should visit Murray State to see for themselves if they like the size of this university. The students at Murray State are very accepting and come from very different backgrounds. This is why I believe that anyone could potentially attend this school.


Anyone pressed for money that wants to attend college.


There are many different types of people that attend Murray State. I strongly believe that anyone could succeed at Murray. If you like the small town feel and if you are interested in outdoors activities and water sports Murray State would be perfect.


The kind of person who should attend this school is a person who is outgoing, independent, and has spirit and passion towards something whether it be sports, the environment, or the subject in which he/she is studying. The person should not be a slacker, and should work hard to improve him/herself and want to gain a social life and relationships that will last a lifetime.


Students with open minds and the willingness to fullfill personal goals based on what they learn in class should attend Murray State University. The faculty offer a variety of instruction, lessons, opinions, and advice to help students best understand the assignments and projects given.


A person wanting a medium-size school with helpful professors and a strong Greek and non-Greek community is someone who would fit best at this school.


For the campus being a very friendly and well rounded area the people occuping it should be the same. MSU is a college that helps every way they could and if people who do not like helping others should look at other options. Murray State has some serious course offered and people who are serious about their future this would be a good place to start. Like I have chosen.


This school is good for fresh out of high school students. This college has a great diverse offering of classes to help someone discover their direction in life.


Someone who is an all around decent person and isn't prone to sterotypical biases. Murray has a wide array of people are there aren't room for ignorant people here. Someone who also takes their schooling seriously, but knows how to kick back and relax when rest and distraction is needed. Someone who is respectful, of both teachers and their fellow students. And lastly, someone who likes to have fun, meet new people, and isn't afraid to try new things.


The kind of person that should attend Murray State University is one that genuinely cares about the quality of their education and will do their best in their studies. Since it is located in a small town and there are not as many attractions as a larger city, one should be willing to stay on campus and get involved, whether it be through sports or honor societies or recreational clubs.


Anyone interested in any of the majors offered or general subjects that would let one decide on a major.


Anyone. Murray State University has numerous amounts of majors as well as minors for anyone to choose from. The university also has a very well-known foreign exchange student program. Anyone wanting to further their education can and should attend Murray State University.


Someone looking for a small town, but not too small. People who are tolerant and flexable will do well and those who recieve financial aid.


Someone who enjoys small towns and a community-based atmosphere.


Artistic and/or Agriculturally based persons will thrive in Murray.


This school has a large variety of majors and there is always something for everyone; students should know that they need to be responsible, hard working, and dedicated to their studies.


People from many types of backgrounds will be at home here. This school is very diverse and supportive of each individuals ambitions. Structured help systems are available to students for both academic and social issues. Being at this school will open up a person and allow them to express themselves with no criticism, instead a sense of sharing experiences with other students. Whomever comes here should not be afraid of sharing and experiencing new things.


This school fits students who are looking for a like-home, community centered environment. Students who have goals that the want to reach, while still wanting to be a part of the community will love it. If you want to get a degree and be on the right track to having a successful career while having a great time, MSU is the place for you. It's the ultimate college experience.


I believe someone who wants a small town feel, and a smaller but good sized college.