Murray State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Although most colleges see students of every type, from partiers to bookworms, Murray provides a healthy mix of every type of student. The school's atmosphere accomodates everybody's tastes, so I can't think off the top of my head who wouldn't want to go to this school.


Someone who doesn't like the small town feeling for college and isn't willing to study or be involved on campus.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a negative, judgmental person. We at Murray State believe in treating people equally and fairly. There is an unspoken rule of friendliness and respect towards one another, and if you are the type of person who doesn't believe in that, this is probably not the school for you.


Murray State is a residential comprehensive university. They work very hard to ensure students receive the education they need. Murray State has a no tolerance drug policy. Murray State isn't for the college partier or for those not serious about their education and role as a student.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is anyone who doesnt like the country. This Campus is predominantly farm boys and southern bells. Also in the winter it gets very cold here so another person who shouldn't attend this school is anyone who doesnt like the cold or snow.


Is there one?, Murray State offers such a diverse curriculum that I feel any type of student could flourish.


i think that if you do not have self motivation than you should not attend this school . The professors will help you if you have a question but neither them or anyone else will be hovering over your shoulder and telling you to get your homework done. you also have to have time management because the professors will not care if you are late or not there.


Someone that does not want to feel like they are going through an assembly line of college. Students are able to choose their own path and create a great education to better themselves for a successful career.


A person who didn't enjoy high school shouldn't attend college.


I think everyone should attend this school.


As with any college or university, if you are unwilling to put forth the effort to succeed, then there is no reason for you to attend. College is a mechanism that refines your skills and abilities so that you can lead an enjoyable and successful career. If an individual is unwilling to oil and maintain the mechanism, then all of their efforts will be fruitless. Murray State University is no different; it may not be an Ivy league school, but individuals who are not determined to succeed should not attend.


Someone that does not want to continue their education or wants to immediately jump into the work force.


You shouldnt attend this school if you want a school that has smaller class size ratios. This school has big classes and is very hard to get one on one time with the teachers.


I feel it is unfair to say that certain people shouldn't attend Murray State University. It would be in their best interest to be prepared to go to college though and work hard for their future. Everybody deserves a chance at a future and Murray State University is a very great place to accomplish that, no matter who you are or what kind of person you are.


I think that everyone can find a place at Murray State. Everyone can find a place where they fit in and will have freinds.


If you are the type of person who isn't willing to learn and apply yourself, you shouldn't attend this university. Murray State has a good reputation and wants their students to meet their standards.


People who are not serious about education and having a better future should not attend this school.


The kind of person who isnt dedicated.


Anyone who does not want a challenge on the daily basis should not come to Murray State University. If students want to be lazy and take the easy route, then Murray is not for them.


A person that should not attend Murray State is someone who does not like the Greek system. The Greek society is a big part of Murray State, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but if someone were to not like the greeks, they would not care for Murray State. The Greek system is a big part of the campus in a way where it is always seen, and where most events happen.


Someone that is all about school sports or big into partying at fraternity houses or bars.


This school isn't exclusive. Murray State has students of varying races, religions, beliefs, and interests. Any student could choose to attend here.




The kind of person that doesn't want to work hard for the outcome that they desire. If you're not willing to work hard for what you want now, how do you expect to be happy with what you do get? It's also not for people that are willing to try and be a part of something bigger, because that's what Murray State is all about.


Anyone should attened. The teachers work with all kinda of student in all different majors. 0


This school is full of different people. We have all ethnicities and cultures expressed throughout campus. Here at Murray State it is like one big happy family. I love every day on this campus, even though there may be tough days, I'm still always proud to say I'm a Racer!!


Anyone looking for a good degree.


A person who is afraid to try new things, or to talk to new people. Someone who isn't friendly, or open minded will feel like he or she does not fit in.


A person who dosent have there goal in mind and a person dosent know some important skills such as time management and knowing how to study.


Someone who doesnt want to interact with people. Its a very open and interactive school so if you dont want to get involved, you shouldnt go


I feel Murray State is a well rounded institution for all majors, everyone would have the same opportunities. Its close knit campus and small classes provide students more individual assistance and also provides the family type enviroment that they need.


Any one who likes a big college and big town feel. This town and college is really small but it makes up for it with the social networking that has formed inside the community.


One who wants to be in a big city. Murray has a few big city qualities, yet still has that small home town feel.


You shouldn't attend Murray state if you don't plan to get involved because the town doens't offer much, it's the school and the people there that make it amazing.


I would recommend Murray State University to almost anybody because of its wide variety of majors and minors. However, if a student is the kind of person to waste their time at parties and does not plan on doing any studying then that person should not attend this school. With my mentallity it is hard to witness students ruin their future by getting drunk at parties, high on drugs, or just not participating in academic studies, therefore those people should not attend Murray State University. When given the opportunity to make something of yourself don't blow it.


Someone not interested in agriculture.


Anyone wanting a large university, or one in an urban setting.


Someone looking to go out every night or prefers city life. This town is small with minimal shopping close by.


You should not attend Murray State if you are unfriendly, unwilling to learn, or are interested in living in big city.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Murray State is someone who doesn't want to look around and see that they go to a school of diverse culture and students and faculty dedicated to what they do. Murray State has an ability to make it's campus home to many of it's students and is dedicated to helping students get involved. If you have no interest in leaving your dorm room and experiencing what opportunities college can provide, don't go to Murray State University. If you dislike the friendliest city in America, don't come here!


There are no restrictions to the kind of person that should attend. If you want an education, apply and attend. There is a place for everyone at Murray State University.


There are all kinds of people who attend Murray State University! Everyone who attends are very accepting of every kind of person. Murray is a nice, small hometown where the people are extremely friendly. Everyone is made welcome at Murray State!


If you do not like the out doors do not come.


Someone who wants to be a small fish in a big pond. Murray is a medium sized college, with smaller class sizes.


They are no certain "types" of people who shouldn't be allowed at this school. Everyone is somewhere kind, welcoming, and open. That is what attracts people to this tiny university because it feels like home.


Persons looking for a big city life. The city of Murray is a small town and they like it that way. Also if you're looking for a "party" school this is not the place for you. Its a dry campus in the middle of a dry county.


You should not attend this school if you are not serious about getting your degree, it is not a party school but we still have fun.


Honestly, I think everyone should come to Murray State University! Murray provides a variety of majors, organizations, athletics and more that can cater to any student's needs. However, being in a small community, outside of the campus, there's not much to do in comparison to going to school somewhere like Nashville or Orlando. However, there are bigger cities close by which makes it easy for students who want to venture off campus.


The people/students who are potential college graduates are well driven and organized. One must may not be intemidated by others but must have faith and be well rounded. One must be able to attend class and be able to be self taught. Ones that are not goal orienated and willing to take on challeges are not fit for college.


A person who enjoys the big city lifestyle should not attend my school.