Murray State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I believe that parents should choose a school where there is a nice community. Also where the students and teachers are extremley nice. Also you want a school is helpful for you. If your child has a learning disibility find a school with services.


Thomas Ehrlich once said ?A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself.? This is the best advice I could give to future students and parents in their search for the perfect college. First, the student must have confidence that they will fit in, that they will be able to make a friend. Second, the chosen college should challenge the student. The college should assist the student in growing as both a scholar and a contribution to society. Lastly, the college should make the student feel pleased with where they are and what they are doing. When they are happy with themselves and the environment around them, this is when they will reach their maximum potential as a person.


Dont pick the school with the least amount of violence, the colleges with more reported violence means the police are doing their job right, the one with the least arnt or just covering everything up.


Several factors are included in selecting colleges: affordability, location, quality of facilities, etc... The colleges that are best suited for potential students are the colleges that have made the best blend of these factors. When selecting a college, it is critical that one is informed about economic situations that could hinder progress. The ratio of cost of living/tuition to scholarship and financial aid available can ultimately devastate or enhance a collegiate career. America's schools are quite decorated, but a closer look reveals the difficulty of today's economy. Asking current students/parents will eliminate several bad decisions. The college experiences include growing socially as well as academically. The location of a school will affect the experience. Will these experiences generate from city life or a more simple setting? Resources to supplement the academic career are made available based on location. Prompt access to family/loved ones can also help eliminate any problems. The quality of campus facilities gives good insight to the upcoming years. Great facilities will provide for nonhazardous housing situations. Cleaner campuses allude to safer communities. Great wellness and fitness facilities can allow for great personal health. When searching for colleges, look beyond general education.


When picking a college don't only consider academics and safety. This is the place where you are going to be shaped and molded from a teenager into an adult. When considering a college don't go somewhere just because your friend is__if you feel right about somewhere then go for it. Relationships with High school friends often change and you won't want to regreat a decision based on a lost friendship.


Choose a place where you feel comfortable and where you will get the best education. Do your reasearch it will pay off in the long run. This is your education make the most of it.


In order to find the right college, you have to feel that you belong on the campus. The only way to do that is to visit the university's campus. Don't visit just once! Visit two or three times. Go to a basketball game there. Eat out at the town's restaurants and ask people what they think of the university. Talk to people you know and see if anyone has gone to that school. You'll be surprised at the insider information people can share with you. Once you find the right college, get involved! Join a club that you never had time for in high school. Find a group of people who share the same passion as you. If you love your school, show it! Get out to the sporting events! Cheer on your fellow students! The only way to get the most out of your college experience is to live your college life. Get out and have fun at your school! After all, these are supposed to be the best years of your life.


When you get the letters in the mail inviting you a semminar about the school, go! That was how my parents and I found out about Murray State University. They do a very good job outlining the school and usually you can tell just from that if the school is going to be right for you. Also, start looking early! I visted my first college as a somphmore in high school and went on to visit 3 more over the next two years. The sooner you start the quicker you will find that perfect school for you.


Find out the program the student is interested in, and make sure the school has the right programs, even if you are undeclared. Get involved in the school you attend, you meet more people, and have a better experience!


In my experience I would advise high school students to begin looking for college starting their junior year. Also, a student should know before hand what exactly they want out of the college and what major they are leaning towards in order to choose the best college with the best program. I advise all students to move away from home and attend college by either living on campus or in an apartment. This way a student gets the entire college experience and is not conflicted with having to live at home under parental rules. When researching colleges I advise to research each college thoroughly and then plan a college visit and tour. This way you know most about the college and any questions you have can be answered there on campus. For anyone wanting to go to a college out of state find colleges that offer tuition waivers or regional tuitions. This cuts down on costs significantly. I would also advise parents to be supportive of their child as he or she searches for the right college. It is a one of the first adult decisions a person makes and its best to be supported by your family.


For parents: Murray State University is a very good school, which costs less than the surrounding universities of Kentucky. For students: Do not base your decision on where your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to school.




Even if your kids go to school in their hometown MAKE them live in the dorms or they will NEVER understand college life.


The most important thing to remember when choosing a college to attend is whether or not you feel comfortable and happy there. No matter how hard course work may turn out to be later on, it will always be better if you feel at home and accepted at the college you're attending. Make sure to visit each university you're considering. If you walk onto one particular campus and instantly feel at home, you know you've found the right one.


Before deciding on a college, figure out what motivates you. Once you figure that out, find a possible profession that will allow you to focus your motivation toward goals that you set for yourself. Find a school that has a good program in what you want to do. The rest will work itself out.


I think that it was unfair of you to throw in that the winner will be determined by essay at the end of a time consuming survey. If you are going to have this be a determining factor it should be presented upfront not after someone has invested their time. o i would advice students and parents to find out the most the can about all the schools so they dont find themselves in a position where they are presented with a set of unforeseen circumstances. But i would challange the students to speak their minds and step up to the plate when they encounter those circumstances becuase they never know what good may come from it.


Visit the schools and consider everything housing, activities, class size, and financial aid


My one piece of advice would be to simply visit the campus. When you visit the campus follow your heart if it feels right and at home then it is the place for you. You are the only one that knows what that "home" feeling is.


take more than one campus visit, and drive around the city the college is located in to get the full feel of the school


Do what you want to do!! That is the most important thing!! Forget money, and all that other unnecesarry baggage. Do what you love to do, and don't worry about anything else!


I completed a public communications class this past semester, and one of the speeches that students had to present were persuasion speeches. My speech tried to persuade students to get involved with school activites whether it be with intermurals, clubs, or fraternities/sororities. This makes a student's time at school more enjoyable, and it gives them the tools to socialize with others. If students are invloved with some type of actvitiy it will allow them to be more organized and therefore be more sucessful in school. My advice to parents is to encourage their children to pick a school that will allow them to participate in school activities.


Truthfully, since I am returning to school after a 35 year absence, I can see that many high school students are too young and not mature enough to take on the responsibility of college. My advise to parents would be to encourage their students to volunteer in their communites before they embark on their college journey. In today's economy, I believe it is foolish to start college without clear cut goals and the desire to succeed. I see that many of my classmates seem to socialize more than they study and I know that if they were paying their own way they might look at things very differently. When your student is ready for college, I fully support a mid-size university such as Murray State with about 10,000 students. Murray is a small close-knit town that supports the university and its students. I do not think anyone gets lost in the crowd here and if you need special attention it is readily available. I would also encourage the student to get involved not only in their school but in the community. Finding a university that encourages that involvement is important.


Students should not only consider the financial and academic aspects of a university, though those are very important, but they should also consider what opportunities the college has to offer. Activities and opportunities can make or break a school, as well as your college experience. Life consists of opportunities. The choices that you make and the opportunities that you take advantage of determine what kind of life you lead. If I could offer a piece of advice to college-bound students, it would be simply not to revolve your life around attending classes, making the grades, and getting yourself into the real world. While these things are very important, the experiences that you have while you are in college are what shape you. What opportunities you take advantage of in these few years will make you the person you are to be in the real world. Don't ever hold back, and don't try to rush through your life.


Dont just dream about what you want, think what you need right now in your life. Base your choice off today and make sure the school has lots of choices for academics and social life, visit it! If you are focused go where you feel right where they know what they are doing the biggest most impressive school is not always the best. Chech the community make sure it is for you then Pray. Even if you doint believe in a god, its not going to hurt. Do your research on all of it! Good luck


get involved!!!! campus activities are so much fun


Start early when thinking about college. It's important to find the college that will best suit your needs. If you start early, you have plenty of time to decide where you want to go and to fill out any paperwork to get into the college you choose and for financial aid. Also, when filling out financial aid, be sure to fill out every one you can get your hands on because if no one else besides you fills out the paperwork, even if it doesn't apply to you, you may just get that scholarship.


Think about what you want from your school experience the most, take your time investigating each school personally and don't settle! Research all avenues for financial aid and get to know all staff and faculty. After selecting your school, get involved in all activities on and off campus this is the best time of your life to grow as an individual.


College is a very personal decision. There are individuals who immediately know, or have known, where they want to go to school. There are also individuals who struggle to decide what college or university is best for them. It is a decision that cannot be rushed, and it is a decision that must be made for oneself. Use resources to find the college for you. Guidance counselors are available, the internet has many search engines, and take those colleges visits. Always remember where you choose is not where you have to stay; there are always other options, and it never hurts to ask someone for advice. Take a risk, it will either be worth the risk or you will learn a very valuable lesson on your journey. Go on the journey; the experience one receives at a university cannot be established any other way. It is a time for individual growth, fun and knowledge. College allows the discoveries of oneself, other cultures, education, and life survival skills. Take the good with the bad; learn from your mistakes, and do not allow them to be made twice. Do not be scared. Put yourself out there and live life to the fullest.


A school where your child is comfortable!!!


My advice would be to reach the college. Talk to other people about their experience they had at that college. Visit a college on the weekend so you are not rushed. Before you visit the college, research the academic programs that the school offers and set up times to meet with an adviser to asked questions. Try to visit a college when there is a sporting event. You can get a feel of what the student body's school spirit like. You can research the community. You can see the population, stores, resturaunts, and banks that are there. If there is any crime. After you choose your college, you make your own experience. Get out and try everything. Join sports teams in the dorms, go to football games, plays, and concerts. Join a your majors organization. If you want to experience college, don't just sit and wait for it to happen to you, you have to make it happen. If you don't, you will be studing all the time and will become burned out. Employers do look to see if you are active at school. Go out, have fun, and enjoy college because it will not last forever.


meet new people. go somewhere so that you can meet new people that will be friends for life. remember you dont have to drink at college or do the ususual college party things to fit in. no one makes fun of people who choose not to that stuff. everyone still has fun


Find a college that fits two critera, yourself and your major. Find a school that relates to you. Say you grew up in a small town, go to a smaller to mid-size school, because anywhere else you will end up bieng home sick and not yourslf. Secondly is your major. Pick a school that relates closely if not specific for your major. Even going to the school and finding people in that major asking them about their experiances helps. Realize that this is your education that you will hold dear for the rest of your life and will give you that comepetive edge in life to go where you want to go.


The most important aspect of finding the right college is finding a college with a strong program in whichever field you hope to major in. Attending a school with a strong program will provide you with a better education and open up many more options for graduate school. To make the most of your college experience, it is imperative to make friends and get involved on campus. Extra-curriculars are essential to maintaining an enjoyable, relatively stress-free college life.


When you visit campuses can you picture yourself there? If so what are you doing?


The choice needs to be a decision come to and agreed upon by both the parents and the students. yes the parents are wiser and their advice needs to be given. However the student needs to be happy with the school they choose to attend. Every activity needs to be looked into and the student needs to get involved with activities but it is important to remember that they are there to get their education and that is what is the most important.


View the campus instead of just picking some. The look of the campus really tells you a lot about what's going on there. Also, pick a major you know you will enjoy and have fun with it. Be friendly and make good friends.


First off, choose a college that has the field or major that you want to go into. There are many important factors that go into making a college decisions so I'll try to name some of the ones that were most important to me. I wanted to go to a school that was big enough that I could meet a lot of new people, but small enough where I didn't get lost in the classroom setting. Many of my teachers know me by name and are willing to help me anytime outside of class. It's important to find a school that will work with you in terms of financial aid and scholarships. Before committing to a school, send them your transcript and ask for an estimation on how much financial aid or scholarships they can award you. Finally, find a school that has a good career services center with good networking opportunities. Career Fairs are mucho importante!! Colleges with good reputations will bring in big recruiters with a lot of career opportunities.


The student should choose a school that they want to attend because if they don't they will not want to put the effort into school. One of the ways to choose is visiting which is great because you get to meet future students and facalty. To make the most of your experience you need to get involved whether it is with sports, clubs, or your dorm it is a great way to make friends and be a true college student.


Choose the college that has the best programs to suit your desires. Don't pick a college because of it's name or because your parents went there and it's tradition. Pick the one that you want or else you will never be happy. Even if it's a "party school" and you're not into that but it's the school you want, just do it. You don't have to take part in the parties, you can say no. I would say just go with your gut, do what you want and not what someone else wants you to do.


Unless impossible, visit the university that you're interested in! Make sure the campus and the people are a right fit for your child/you. Parents, don't try to make the decision FOR your child. Don't expect college to be easy; it takes a lot of time and effort, not only to succeed in the classroom, but to flourish socially as well. College is a big commitment, but worth every minute, and every cent. Students, look for sources of financial aid and scholarships, and don't live above your means once you get to campus. A mini-fridge and tupperware dishes are a must. Don't party TOO much, don't forget your grades, but have fun! Parents, be ready to let go. Your child might not call you as often as you like (or might call TOO MUCH), but that's just part of the process. Everyone is different, and every student will adjust differently to their new surroundings. The best thing you can do, as always before, is be there for them when they need to vent or ask advice.


apply early and try and save up for it before-hand.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience would be to take a tour of the campus to make sure it's the right size for you or your child. I would also suggest living on or near campus. I have never lived on campus and I wish my first year I would have. It gives you a chance to meet a lot more people because you live close to them and have to associate with these people. Always make sure to keep up your grades, especially the first semester because it's the hardest because your on your own and think you got it down when you really don't.


The most important thing to me was what was closest to my home because my family has helped me with everything. Also the cost of the school and what kind of help you will be getting in order to go to school.


If you are looking for a school to attend or for your children to attend, definitely go for a campus tour, but dont limit your opinion based off of what your tour guide has to say. They're job is to make the university sound as appealing as possible. The real identity of a university or college lies in what its current students have to say about their experience. Talk to people you see on campus, sit in a class or two with a possible professor. Get a real feel for campus and the way that the institution is run as a student, not as a passerby. In the long run, what you take away from college is the experiences you have when you arent even in a class room. If the academic track record is wonderful, then thats just half of the equation. Its when you graduate and take not only a top notch education in your field with you, but also memories and experiences that will ultimately make you a more valuable person to society and to your career field that really counts.


I would tell parents and/or students that they need to make sure the school is dedicated to the advancement of the students. I would also tell them to go around and meet with professors, administrators and students, this way they can see if the school is right for them. Also do a great deal of research on the schoool. Prepare a list of questions to ask when you go visit the campus. The most important fact I think is to visit the college numerous times before enrolling. Each visit will be different.


I would say to make a list of qualities that you would like your school to have. Visit as many schools as possible and go to the one you feel meets your needs the best. Try not to settle for a school that you don't really like because you'll only end up being unhappy and that will not make you able to enjoy college to the fullest.


College is the first step along the path into life as an adult and picking the right school is an important step in the right direction. Students need to find a school with the ingredients to help them achieve the best education possible while realizing that social interaction is a necessary part of college. Learning to deal with others is just as important a skill as learning to make a living in the real world. Parents and students both should realize that it is the student that is going to school and making choices about what classes to take and what social groups to take part in. If the parent is the one making the decisions, they are just hurting their child's chances of getting the education and learning experience that will fit them best because, regardless of how well a parent may know their child, there are some aspects of their needs and desires in regards to learning and education that a parent will probably never know.


just visit as many school as you can get to know a few poeople around campus and make sure you do yu research is it right fr you.


Make sure and study about the college or university you plan on attending. Starting first by going to the campus for a visit.


Listen to your gut feeling. Never go to a college that you have not visited, because once you visit it will all come into focus. Only the attending student can know whether or not the school in question is for them. Just as it is up to them to create their own college experience. The good times and the friend rarely find you sitting in the dorm room just waiting for something to happen. Only by getting out with your peers and making real life decisions whether right or wrong will the college experience reveal itself.