Murray State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of scholarships given to out of state students. My school is in Kentucky, and I live in Tennesse. I have to pay over double the amount that in state residents pay for tutition. This has caused alot of money problems, and I have two loans out to pay for my education.


The test scheduling is very hard to deal with at some points. This is of course a problem at all universities and MSU actually does a great job on trying to work with students on their schedules. I think that this is just part of the college experience.


The most frustrating thing is getting money and scholarships, and communicating with the financial aid offices to get clear answers.


The guest rule. During the week, students who live in the residential colleges are not allowed to check another person into their dorm for more than six hours between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. This means I cannot spend the night, have study groups, or simply hang out with friends who live in other buildings on weekdays. Students are 18 years or older and pay to live on campus which means students should be allowed to choose how long they want to check a guest into their building.


More money given to athletes than scholars


The most frustrating part of going to Murray State University is finding a place to park. The parking is far from classes and buildings and during the cold, bitter winter and rainy spring it is hard to make it to class without being defeated by the weather.


The most frustrating thing about Murray State University is the lack of library space. While there are two libraries on campus, only one is commonly used and up-to-date with computers and technology. Therefore, in finals week or busy times of the day during the semester, it can be difficult to find a place to study especially if you need a computer to use.


Before classes start, there is next to nothing to do on campus.


Murray State is not a "big name" school like Purdue, Cal Tech, or Harvard. This can cause problems if your degree is in a field that places a lot of prestige on where you earned your degree. However the quality of education here at Murray is excellent. We are consistently rated as one of the top colleges for our area of the country.


Trying to be a full-time student and working full-time to pay for college. I still have to take out student loans to cover education expenses. I don't qualify for any financial aid except for student loans and they don't cover everything.


If I could improve professors ability to relay information to students that would be a huge plus! Not all students learn in the same way. For me, I need a fun upbeat professor who makes me want to learn . Your not going to love every class you take and you are sometimes required to take classes that have nothing to do with what you want to do with your career. If professors would understand this and make class time more fun, students would learn outstandingly better.


When researching and asking questions one should not take the first answer, do not be afraid to ask the same questions to multiple people. Many time I have received bad information from an advisor even. Also make sure not to beleive every "regulation" There are many loop holes not given readily to students without deep research such as the "housing requirments".






The most frustrating thing about Murray State University are the residental colleges. The residental college I live in is close to the acedemic buildings but is far from the dining hall, recreational buildings, and there are no Racer Patrol boxes, this means emergency boeses.


The most frustrating thng about my school would have to be that sometimes professors do not answer their emails.


Balancing work, school, and somewhat of a social life.


If going to be a commuter, be prepared to walk a mile or two to get to your classes. The professors are usually very helpful and work with their students to be successful.


Financial Aid Office is really, really busy


There is really not much that frustrates me about this school. Only thing I can mention is sometimes how financial aid can be a long process and a little bit much to complete.


It is difficult to find a job on campus.


There aren't many socially interactive options for non-traditional students.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the price! I'm thankful that it's not as high as others, but they also keep raising the price every semester. That tends to be a bit discomforting.


I will be 4 hours away from home without a car to go back and forth to home. I cant afford to buy one because I am buisy trying to just simply pay for the school. The FASFA does not cover $3800 both for fall and spring semisters.


I really can't think of anything that frustrates me about my school


Overall I am very pleased with Murray State. My only frustration is that I wish I had the opportunity to attend the main campus instead of being limited to the extended campus. I believe the main campus students have easier schedules and expectations.


The parking space available for commuters. They are further away from the classes and usually all full.


If I had to choose one thing that was the most frustrating for me at Murray State, it would be the fact that the dorm where I lived was very old, and the electrical system was probably outdated. We had fire drills at all times. We were not allowed to use extension cords, which some people brought anyway. It caused shortages in the building. Other than that, I had an awesome experience at Murray my freshman year.


I wish that the Financial Aid office were more helpful to students. I feel as if I"m always hearing some kind of compaint about that office in particular. I also wish that parking wasn't such a hassle to students who commute.


It would be the fact that scheduling can be fairly difficult. You may be scheduling for the wrong classes but you will not find out about it until after you completed the course and paid for it in full. In other words, Murray has a reputation for poor advising in most cases, but most certainly not all.


The most frustrating thing that I would let prospective students coming to Murray State University know is that some of the dorms are a little beat up and worn down and that it also is very hard sometimes to get things in your dorm room fixed in a timely manner.


A lot of the work seems like busy work even though it will help me in the long run.


The most frustrating thing for me about Murray would have to be how mygate is set up. Mygate is not a very user friendly program and does always update when it needs to.


What frustrates me the most about this college is the financial aid process. You get what you deserve eventually, but the process is a pain and it takes forever. For some students the process is not complete before school begins and they get purged untill the process is complete. I believe they can do better in this area. Other than that I have no complaints.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be having to park at the stadium as a freshman because i have a job and i have to walk it twice a day.


Probably the temperature of my dorm. It changes from extremly hot to very cold throughout the day and it can make it difficult to be patient with.


There is a lack of parking for commuters.


It becomes more difficult to get the schedule you need as you progress toward your degree. In the higher level classes there is sometimes only one class available.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it is impacted greatly by the local conservative religious population that is intolerant to religious, and political diversity.


Nothing really frustrating. I would be happy with a more organized career services office, but I have no regrets at all going there.


My program is going to take five years instead of four. Far too many courses are required and many cover the same information or information that I feel is irrelevant to my degree.


Keeping up with the financial side of attending a university is probably the most frustrating thing about my school.


Figuring out what exactly I need to graduate. While there are papers that tell what to take every semester for your major they are still wrong. Our Map report is what tells us what we need to take and it is very confusing to read even my adivisors have a hard time reading them.


The most frustrating thing is scheduleing because it is so confusig. We will be moving to scheduling on the internet soon though.


The most frustrating thing is probably that a majority of students go home on the weekends, which means party night is Thursdays, which can be a bummer when you have 8:30am class on Fridays! But they've shifted a lot of parties to the weekends now, so this is getting better. The night scene has picked up in my 3.5 years here.


how small it is.


There is nothing frustrating about my school.