Murray State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known about how many opportunities, activities and clubs there were to get involved with and that getting involved in such things was actually "cool". I thought that those things would be lame and that the people would likewise be lame but the environment and types of students her are all very genuine and a joy to be around! If I could do it all over again I would definitely put fortth an effort to get more involved in on campus activities and try to make friends outside of my sports team!


Before I began attending college I heard only of the challenges that would ensue, both socially and academically. I wish someone beforehand had told me it was okay to feel nervous and that there were many others who would feel the same way. Oftentimes the classes offered for college freshmen contain many around the same age, easing the transition into a new environment and the availability of friends. There are also many offices and workers dedicated solely to the advancement of students, willing to provide assistance.


I wish I had known what exactly I wanted to do with my future. Upon arriving to Murray State, I had no idea what I wanted to become and I was not even sure of the major I was going into.


Wheather I should live on or off campus.


I wish I had known that the weather usually gets bad during the winter.


I wish I scheduled myself for fewer classes my first and second semester. Studying and being successful in class in college is very different from high school. I wish I allowed myself extra time to get into the groove of learning at a more thorough and deeper pace. Also, I wish I picked one or two student organizations and became active in those, instead of signing up for everything . Later in my college career I got to know some people through the BCM (Baptist Student Ministry) and that turned out to be a great experience.


too get more involved


That much of what you learn will be learned in the field. You will learn in college, but make sure you have a strong interest in it beforehand as well and you will learn a lot more.


That it was so hard to make friends in such a small place somewhere so new. I wish I had known that it would also be a bit difficult to be 3 hours from home and that many people around here were prone to mood swings or stand-offish personalities.


I wish I would have known about all the scholarships that are availible before transferring here instead of having to pay out of pocket which is a huge strain on me.


I wish I would have known years ago about how nice the campus is.


I wish I had known how much fun I was going to have while I was at Murray State University. I transfered from a community college and I might have changed my mind and come to Murray State right after high school if I had known this!


I wish I had more computer knowledge before hand, I have had to teach myself a little bit and it has taken up a little extra time.


I wish I would have known to get know my prefessors more on a personal level sooner, that I had started a study group for each of my classes or got involved in one that had previously existed. I also wish that I would of known that I should have learned how to live be the montra " I'm going to have to get confortable with being uncomfortable." Lastly I wish that I of known that romen noodles will be my best friend and one of my only sources of food, so I should get use to the taste.


I wish I had known how difficult it would be for credits to transfer properly so I did not have to re-take multiple classes. I transferred to Murray State University after graduating from high school a semester early and attending a local community college in Illinois. While I thought it would be smart to take courses closer to home it ended up costing me more money in the long run; I wish I had known Kentucky and Illinois are one of the few states to not have a transfer agreement.


I wish I had known more about scholarships, and how to apply for them. I also wish I had been told how much living on campus differs from living off. Lastly, the most important thing I wish I had been told was to ask questions. Because in college, if you dont ask you may never get an answer. Sounds simple but it is extremely important. A lot of students dont get help, or dont learn something because they are afraid to ask and its a shame because it's not a hard thing to do.


The parking for the school is a nightmare.


I wish I had known how terrible our football team is, how greek oriented the campus is, and how academic advising really worked


Before I attended MSU I wish I would have known that there was not a lot to do. I'm a fun a big town so I'm used to there being a lot of things to do or choose from and Murray is a small town so there's not too much to do.


I wish I would have known that they would treat you like a child.


I wish I would have known more about greek life and extracuricular activities before I got started so that I could have gotten more involved as a freshman. Throughout my time at Murray I have become extremely involved once I learned about all of the amazing opportunities! It is such a family feel.


I wish I had known how much partying went on and how hard the nursing classes were going to be


I wish I had known more about the clubs and organizations before coming to this school. It would have been great to have an join a club right from the beginning.


I wished I was more prepared of what college life would have been, and how I could have been more prepared with my living. I also wish I would have research more about the area my college is located, so I could see how different it was compared to where I am from. I also wish the different programs they offered in the summer that I could have been involved, so I could get to know people. I also wished I would have know what type of weather they experience in Kentucky, I could have been more prepared.


I wish I would have known more about on campus involvement. I would have also liked to had a preview of different degree progams so that I cold have made a more informed choice.


To be more focused my first semester.


I have been attending the extended campus. Because of being at the extended campus I feel that sometimes I am not "up to date" with things that are going on. You must be diligent about checking emails and making connections in order to not miss out on any opportunities or deadlines.


I wish I had known more about programs regarding my major and minor, because I would have been able to gain more experience that would have aided in progressing not only in knowledge of the subjects, but in moving closer to my academic and career goals. Without these components, a catch 22 develops where you cannot get a job because you do not have the experience or knowledge, but you do not have the experience or knowledge because you have never worked in the area before.


I wish I would have realized how much school work I would be given and the time it would take. I knew college wasn't all fun and games but at the beginning of the year I wish I would have known to plan my time wiser. Plannnig your time is very important and making a schedule in your agenda will keep you organized and help your grades in the long run. I didn't use my agenda at the begginning of the year and I caught myself cramming the night before assignments were do which was very stressful.


I wish I would have realized my academic potential in high school. I was nominated for Who's Who during the 2011-2012 year, and have consecutively been on the Dean's list. I am a student ambassador, and I am focused on my academic studies. During high school, I did not perform to the best of my abilities. I should have had more ambition. Education is the key to success, and I wish I would have realized it then. I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls, and I want to express to them the importance of education.


I wish coming in that somebody had told me how much of a family everyone was at Murray State University. Literally everybody there looks out for each other. I saw this first hand with people helping me get through the issues my family had with my dad and his cancer.


Try hard in all your classes, don't slack and always come to class!! Don't fall behind and always do your assignements, and study for all your tests!


I wish that I had known how to handle outside stress while attending school, i.e. relationships, deaths in the family, ect.


How to properly motivate myself.


That I am not limited to a certain field. I can branch out and do so many things and take classes that have nothing to do with my major.


Don't procrastinate on filling out your FAFSA or loan applications. I did and I was having major financial issues at the beginning of the year.


I came in pretty prepared, but I feel that some more knowledge concerning employment opportunities were made available to me.


I for one was very suprised by the amount of responsibility I had to take on when leaving for college, but the new friends and teachers at MSU helped ease the transition and made the growing experience a fun one.


One thing I wish I had known about Murray State is whether I made the right choice by not living in a dorm and instead living at home because i live in the same town as the college.




I wished the school told me was that the sport I was going to play was canceled. It was a pretty big blow because I came there on a scholarship and was told that I could not get it after my freshman year. It was too late to look for another school for scholarships because all the deadlines have passed.


I wish I would have been a little more prepared to live in a rural area being as I was raised in a city. But overall after getting used to the new area I really enjoy the tight knitt community that Murray has to offer.


The only bad thing that I can think of that I wish I had known about was that sometimes the financial aid department doesn't always send out messages if something has been changed. They automantically assume you already know about the changes either by flyers or word of mouth.


Various campus organizations that are available to students to be involved in, such as Greek organizations, Students Government Association, and so on. Especially, if students are interested in fraternity or sorority pledging, then try to learn about each organization of your interest in prior to the initiation. You might later regret your decision that you made while not fully informed.


I wish that I would have known my major. Changing majors put me a little behind, MSU is doing great with getting me back on track though.


I wish I would have known what each dorm room looked like so i could know how to choose which one i liked the best.


If they had a musical theatre program


I wish i would have known more of the campus activities and what the different associations stood for. At first the information was available but i did not take interest until later on.


I went in knowing quite a bit about the school and how it works. Didnt really have any big surprises.


Not to stress.