Murray State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It is easily accessible and very friendly. You will find what you love to do and will be able to focus on that. There is plenty of room and the campus is small but very pretty. The town as a whole is friendly and college oriented.


I feel like one of the best things about Murray is small class sizes and instructors that will work with you on just about anything. The interaction between students and faculty at this University is amazing! I can't image that any other would come close to comparing with that and the overall expierence here at Murray. It has made the transition from home to college an easy one to accomplish.


I Love the professors i get and in love with the campus set up! everybody is nice including the faculty!


I consider the diversity of programs and after school activities that my school offers you. I consider this to be the best because it allows you to get involved with your school and really enjoy the college life experience, which is important to do in college so your not so stressed out all the time.


The best thing about Murray State is the diversity. There are a lot of exchange students from all around the world and you will never have a class full of people just like you. Also the campus is small enough so that you always see a familiar face. Faculty and students combine to make a community.


The best thing about Murray State University is the accounting department. In these hard economic times, the most important thing is to be able to get a job that will eventually be able to provide for your family. Within the accounting department at MSU, the professors and administrators do everything that they can to help you get a job and prepare you to be the best that you can be. That is why the job placement rate within the accounting department at Murray state is greater than 95%.


Teachers are very knowledgeable and the work force success rate after graduation is high.


I believe the best thing about Murray State University is the amount of support that everyone, students and staff, have and give out to the other people on campus. I have never felt unwelcome or unwanted in any atmosphere while at MSU. Also, the staff of MSU is the most accepting and willing to accomdate to students, whether it be for disability reasons or just to make sure that the students are comfortable and happy at all times.


The teachers I've had so far really care about what they are teaching and therefore do a very wonderful job. Also the RAs and dorm directors are very caring.


The Professor to Student ratio is perfect. The largest class I've had consisted of 30 people, with the smallest being 10.


i think the best thing about my school is the community and small numbers in class size. You get to know your classmates and can trust them with group work and studying together.


The best thing about Murray State University is its student diversity. Because of the extreme diversity at MSU I have met people from all over the world. The diversity at MSU has allowed me to experience different cultures and partake in traditions I didn't know even existed. I have learnd so much about the world just by social interactions with my classmates alone. At Murray State University you can almost travel the world in a day.


The staff. All the professiors I have came in contact with are so helpful. They want you to do your best and will make sure that they help in every way possible.


The best thing about Murray State University is the Agriculture program! The teachers and the students are very welcoming and do their best to help you in anyway they can. The teachers in the Hutson School of Agriculture are very knowledgeable and convey the information very well!


I would consider the best thing about Murray State University to be the involvement on campus. What I mean by this is that Murray State University offers many opportunities to students to get involved on campus. There are booths of all kinds setup around campus randomly, and encourage ANY students to participate. Not only do they have involvements just on campus, but Murray State University residential colleges, cafeteria, sports, and the community have different things to get involved in.


Small class size and the close nit campus.


The best thing about Murray State is the student to faculty ratio. These classes are very small (20-30) students, which give students a great opportunity to get to know one another as well as their teacher.


My school is dedicated to the learning of their students. It is ranked in the top 10 best schools in the nation. I love this school because it helps it's students succeed in life as well as in educational experiences. It is a home away from home and a fantastic stepping stone to further my future.


It has such a friendly atmosphere, no matter where you go. The greek life on campus is so much different than other campuses. We have such great unity, and there isn't much controversy. Hazing doesn't happen, and you meet lifelong friends.


The best thing I love about this school, is how friendly the people and students can be. Their is no misjudgement done by anyone, and it just feels like my home away from home. I enjoy all campus activities, work inside the classrooms, and sport events. You could not come here and be unhappy by the way everyone acts friendly and kind to you.


The best thing about Murray State University is their flexibility with working students. They allow me to take the classes I need full-time while still keeping a job to maintain my finances. They have been very helpful with my schedule and planning my time. I wouldn't have made it this far without their dedicated staff and friendly students. Everyone wants to help!


One of the best things about Murray State is the dorm living. I know this seems weird, but I love the opportunity of getting to live away from home and meet someone new. Making new friends is something that I am good at and find inspiring. I hear that roommates usually stay connected throughout life and I can't wait to start a new friendship.


The school is very connected to the surrounding community. Basketball, for example, isn't just a school event. It's an event for the entire town. During any given basketball game, most of the town is there; it's quiet outside the arena. It's really the nicest town I've lived in. Additionally, the school is in a central locations so I don't have to commute more than five minutes--even living off campus. You can get anywhere in under 10 minutes. I've learned so much from my Creative Writing professors .


The best thing about Murray State University is the teacher student ratio in the classroom. I can't remeber having a class will more than 30 students in it. for me This is great because it gives the students a great ammount of time to ask the teacher questions and learn from them in a One-On-One environment.


The best thing about Murray State is that it is very family oriented. The community is loving and supportive of college life. The school is not spread out, everything is within walking distance for those who do not have a car. I feel safe on campus. If I had a need for anything, people were there to help...whether it was another student, faculty or staff member. The food is great. Lots of on-campus and dorm events. Very diverse. Keeps students active and involved. Great academic programs and support if you need help with any of your classes.


Murray State is a school that is wholeheartedly dedicated to improving it's already impressive abilities. Murray was ranked within the top 20 Southern schools in the U.S., but it never stops working to be better. Professors and faculty members always provide you with the best resources and encouragment to be your best and try very hard to help you succeed. Outside of the classroom, Murray State's sports teams are loved across campus and always have a large crowd to cheer on atheletes. Murray as a whole is a great place to grow as a person and student.


I believe that the school does provide quality education for the size of the school as a whole.


The academic advisors are very supportive and caring. They answer emails and messages in a timely manner. The advisors are professional, but personal too. The campus that I attend is an extension of the main University. The students in the education program are relatively close and helpful to each other. This campus allows me to pursue my Bachelors degree, while living at home. The professors provide challenging work that allows me to grow in my field of study. I am confident in my teaching abilities, because of the services that this campus provides.


I love the community that my university provides. Because it is a smaller school and is located in a small, southern town, after a few months there, it feels like everyone knows everyone and everyone seems to get a long. It's nice to be able to say to at least six or seven people before arriving to your first class.


The friendly atmosphere, that makes you feel as if you have never left home and that no matter what you will always have someone there for you, even if you dont know the person in any way.


People are the best thing about Murray State. Everybody, including the teachers, students, staff, and locals are all willing to help and listen. You will find a friend in almost anyone!


Same as above


Murray State puts an extreme emphisis on creating a community feeling and keeping students involved.


I would consider tradition as the best thing about Murray State. Like myself, many of the students attending Murray State, both traditional and non-traditional, have other "ties" to the university. Most people have had multiple family members attend Murray State, so everyone is treated like family. At homecoming in the fall, many alumni return to the campus. There are cookouts, banquets and parties. Before the football game, there is a space located inside the stadium where current students and alumni meet and enjoy old memories and take part in making new memories. We are family!


I love the people here in Murray. I feel as though everyone here is very welcoming. As a freshman I got involved in the Greek system. That is probably what I love most about Murray. The people who are involved around campus, especially my sorority. It is so fun and easy to get involved on campus. My advice for incoming students would be to get involved your first year. It really helps you meet people!


It is small enough to get to know many people and it is close to a few larger cities. It is only 2 hours away from Nashville and 2.5-3 hours away from St. Louis. Also, Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley are very close to Murray and many students go to the lakes often on the weekends and breaks.


Not only is Murray State University a very successful academic school, the comradery between the students here makes the college experience that much more fulfilling. College is a two-part world, and a solid balance between the academia and social realms will bring about a better form of success in each and every student.


Murray is a very friendly school in a small town. The campus is beautiful. I enjoy outdoor activities that are available in the area. Land Between the Lakes offers fishing and hunting as well as hiking. I have enjoyed all my classes and made many friends.


Murray State University is a medium-sized school with a little over 12,000 students; it feels like a diverse, yet close-knit community. Anytime you walk to class, you will always see someone you know. Murray offers diverse and fun activities to entice its students; international movie nights, world renowned speakers, concerts, plays, mixers, sporting events, multicultural functions, etc. It is a great environmet to live in without the pressures of alcohol and drugs. The community students build with themselves and with professors through MSU classes and events, is without doubt, the BEST thing about this school.


The best thing about Murray State University is the small classroom size. The teachers really get to connect with the students in the classroom.


I love the learning differences program. The factually and staff are so passionate about what they do and try and succeed into making you feel like you can do anything in the world. They help me out a lot and no amount of thanks could come close in what they have done for me and for the rest of the students are in this program.


The best thing about this campus would be that the social networks here are very supportive. The organizations on campus help students find thier prefect niche, whether it be sports, debate, philosophy or video games. The college organizations direct you to who to talk with, what contact to reach and when meeting times and introductory setups are.


The best part about my school is it's location. Murray is a small town but has lots of opportunities for it's students. But not only does the community embrace the students at Murray State, but the faculty and staff are caring as well. There are so many people who are willing and able to help you along your journey as a student. There are also many opportunities to take part in clubs and join in on meetings to get aquainted with others who may have the same interests as you.


It may be a small school but there is a strong sense of community among everyone. The library is easily accessible adn there is a great new science building with all new modern equipment. You make friends for life here.


The best thing about this school is that the majority of the people are agriculture. This is good for me because I come from an agricultural background and want to be a vet so the people who are interested or knowledgble about agriculture are more likely to share common interests or experiences with me.


The surrounding lake region and small town atmosphere.


The people are laid back and helpful yet education is still priority. Diversity is big, but Murray is small, so cultural connection is bound to transpire.


I love the basketball games, they are alot of fun!


I think the best thing at Murray would be the atmosphere. Compared to home, St. Louis, Murray has the southern hospitality. Everyone is very nice, friendly and helpful on and off of campus.


This school has a great price for the quality of education given.