Murray State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The small classes allow you to absorb everything easily if you want to.


the people that attend the school, becuase the people around you make all the difference.


they closeness of their on campus housing. great community atmosphere


study places because there are many of them


the artist freedom and community


I would consider the environment the greatest positive about Murray. The campus is very well spaced, gorgeous landscaping, and a well surrounded area. Also the campus is strictly a campus, no outside businesses or bars around class buildings. There is school and then there is Murray, and I enjoy the seperation of the two. Also the lakes nearby and wooded areas are nice to be around.


The best thing about Murray State University is the helpful, intelligent faculty. Most teachers are always willing to assist students in any way necessary.


I feel like I've found a good group of friends through my sorority.


Classes feel very personalized due to small sizes, my professors always know my name during class and will often remember it after I have completed the course and moved on, especially within my department.