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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To take my SATS and go to college credit classes in the summer and should applied for most scholships that I could applied for.


1. Don?t expect other people to keep records for you. Keep copies of your transcripts, homework grades, etc. It doesn?t matter if other people keep those records too, you need to have them for yourself as well. 2. Use a calendar and keep it with you. When you get an assignment for work or school write it down immediately. Do not expect to remember because it could fly by and you will forget. 3. Study hard, but make friends. Most people under-estimate the value of college friendships and over-estimate the value of always getting an A. Balance your social life and school work. 4. Be who you want to become. Habits you develop in college can be hard to break later in life. If you find yourself always being late, break that habit now. Don?t start destructive habits thinking you will just stop them later. Always go to class. 5. Do some things that are hard. Its good to challenge yourself to see how far you can really go. 6. Don't be afraid to be who you are. God made you this way for a reason.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to go for it! Go for exactly and specifically what you want to do. Dont think its impossible . Dont waste time . Time slips by quick, just like everyone says it does. Dont waste timne doing things you dont really want to do. You can be a musician, you can be great. You can make the world a better place by working on your skills as a performer. dont let anyone tell you anthing different. Dont let people who never lived up to thier own potential dicate your potential. Beware of those who are trying to stop you from succeeding. Surround yourself with people who are moving forward in life, those who 'shine' and therefore want you to shine as well. Also its important to have a specific goal. This will help to impower your life and career. Its not impossible with lots of consistant hard work you can become a skilled musician and have a fabulously rewarding career. Other people will respond to this and therefore see the potiential in themselves as well. This could be the best part of you going for it, now!


The transition was a nervous time in life for me. I was excited. I knew what I wanted to do and where to go, and the fact of knowing what I was in for was great. College life is exciting, especially learning something that really fires inside you, and compliments who you are. You get excited and amazed at things you love to learn. You have a great awe factor when you start putting the pieces together and figure out how those things you like worked. As a high school senior I remember actually regreting and hating the fact of college... haha I would tell myself to go and ABSOLUTELY studying what you love no matter what. I would sure kick myself in my own butt. I would tell any senior to get ready for the time of your life. In more ways than one.


If i could talk to myself as a high school senior with the knowledge and experience i have now, the [senior] me would definitely be a sceptic of what [now] me was telling him - but i would promise him that my advice would work...just as it will work for anyone else that wishes to lend an ear. I would tell myself to focus on the present, not the past or the future. That is not to say disregard the future completely, just acknowledge that i don't have control over it. What i have control over is the NOW, and what i do NOW controls what happens later. I would assure myself that no matter how scary the unknown of the future is, if i do what i can NOW, to prepare myself for THEN, things will all work out. Life is about balance, and so no matter how stressed i got working toward college and making the transition, i would tell myself to take a break, appreciate the NOW, be happy, and know that things will all work out in the end...because if you know they will, then they will.