Muskegon Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are fun and easy going.


They come from all different backgrounds making lectures more interesting.


People are outgoing and like to have fun. Like every school you have different kinds for grounds of people.


My classmates are very quiet and work on homework. They normally don't like to talk when we are sitting in class. But when class is over then that is when People start to come out and talk and sometimes there are groups where they are working on homework for that class. But most of the my classesmates are very indepentent.


My classmates range from newly graduated from high school students to well seasoned silver haired grandparents. They all seem pretty cool so far.


Students at Muskegon Community College are usually quite friendly and open to help you; however, having small class sizes, you may not get the opportunity to meet to many people that you could refer to as a friend.

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