Muskegon Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag to my friends about how it is such a nice school for being a public, 2 year school. I tell them about how I learn well there, and how the things I continue to learn are very useful.


When I tell me friends about my school, I will often comment on how easy it is to ask the professor for help. A majority of my friends are at large Universities, so naturally I talk about saving thousands of dollars that they have to spend on school. However, I want to go to MSU but I don't have enough money to pay tuition and my parents won't co-sign for a student loan.


I tell my friends how small and quiet the school is, and how you don't have to walk a mile or two to get to your next class!


the credits will transfer to almost every other college in the u.s. unlike baker college whose credits may only transfer to ferris state university. the campus is beautiful, the staff is nice, the teachers are fair, and there are many places to study, and something else uniquely interesting, because the college was built on a river, the floors of the college are numbered backwards. its fun stuff.


MCC offers a great curriculum selection at a very reasonable cost. We have a unique campus the feature an unverted floor plan, all levels are at or below ground level which offers peace of mind during tornado season here in Michigan. MCC's extensive athletic program offers hundreds of opportunities for sports related scholarships, which often allows the financially challenged to persue there dream of higher education. And of course I am a JAYHAWK for life, GO JAYHAWKS!!


Not much it's just a community college

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