Muskingum University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Local, close nit, they want you to be active and get good grades. They make you learn to balence ALOT. It is very friendly though over all


Muskingum University is best known for their education department and a PLUS program that helps students that have learning disabilities. They are also well known for their liberal arts requirements that help to create well-rounded individuals. Another thing that they are well known for is having good professor-student relations. Muskingum is also known for being a small school, there are not a lot of stores or businesses that create districations to academics. There are also numerous social activities and clubs to get involved in and a beautiful, hilly campus.


Muskingum University is best known for their excellence in Liberal Arts.


Muskingum is known for there small size and committment to quality. Because the school is smaller (not even 2,000 students), faculty and stafff are able to provide needed one-on-one aid and are able to be more involved in the lives of their students, seeing them as fellow adults. Programs, such as the PLUS program which focuses on providing aid to those with physical and learning disabilities is only one example of the quality help provided at my school.


We are best known for having a man orbit the earth, John Glenn!


The MAGENTA FIGHTING MUSKIES! Our school is the only school in the country with school colors as magenta and black. We are also one of two schools with a Muskie Fish Mascot. It's kind of miniscule, but it makes us different and unique. We aren't just the blue and white bobcats like everyone else in the world, we're something totally different. Oh, and John Glenn went here.


The great atmosphere! The people are very nice here and the majority of professors/staff will go out of their way to help each student suceed. It was not my first choice to go to Muskingum College, but the people here make every day wonderful and plesant. There is a great sense of community. Students work together to achieve goals and accomplish exactly what they want. The professional staff is almost always willing to support the students too!


Muskingum is known for its education majors, mostly. However, because of its well-rounded curriculum, it is an excellent Liberal Arts College.