Muskingum University Top Questions

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The Music Dept. at Muskingum University really stuck out to me while I was considering other colleges/universities. The staff is top knotch.


The College is a very small campus and I really liked that. That way you get to know more people and get more help from the professors easier.


The environment is really nice, everyone seems to get along with one another and the professors are very helpful if I never need any assistance with anything. The other schools I visited were somewhat bigger and Muskingum is just the right size for me since I grew up in a smaller area. It was the school that gave me the most financial aid which was nice since I am paying for my school on my own. The atmosphere is really calm and soothing. I have met great people here as well.


Muskingum is one of the cheapest places you can go and still have an awesome experience academically and socially. All the professors want to see you succeed and your friends that you make want you to have fun, so it's a win win.


This is a small private prysbeterian oriented school, but dont let the religious affiliation scare you. Chapel services are offered but are not required. We are also unique in that we are the only college in the US thats official colors are Magenta and black. we are the fighting Muskies. A muskie is a preditory fish, the top of the line in salt water fish. Known to take down large pray and even attack humans at times.


Muskingum is unique compared to other schools because both the students and the faculty are very friendly and will be more than willing to help you.