Muskingum University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person can attend this school it is open and welcoming to everyone.


someone who is interested in a small town feel . Also someone who would rather have a small class size. So if you like the city party scene Muskingum is definately not the school for you. The closest area to eat out or anything is in zanesville or cambridge. The only think to do around this school is shop at a very small mall, go to the movies, and drink. If you are a country person, and a family person this is the place for you. When you attend muskingum you basically have a second or third family.


The one thing that students at this school have said time and time again is that they wanted that one on one relationship with the professors, and this school provides that. A family oriented person should attend this college, because the community though it may be small, cares about the success of its students. Finally, I recommend country or small town folks to come to this college. Its not out in the city, and there are many hills on campus. At this school you learn to appreciate things more, and maybe you'll even meet your future spouse.


Anyone should attend Muskingum University. It is a wonderful school and there is a lot to give to students of all diversities, cultures, ect.


A hardworking person should attend this school. If you are not social it is probably best to pick another school. It is a small school and you HAVE to be social in order to thrive


Dont let the price scare you, Muskingum offers a great deal of financial aid. In fact just this past semseter (fall 2008) they sent an email saying that they realize times are tough so they were INCREASING the amount of financial aid that it was awarding.


For a person to like the school, they have to be prepared for a small college in a small village (not town, or city!). They have to be extremely friendly and active on campus. Because there is "nothing to do" around the college, extra-curricular activities are vital for happiness here.


Someone who likes small towns and friendly people.


There is no one type of person that should attend this school. This school is open to every personality and diverse person imaginable. There is a clique for everyone to fit in and everyone to feel welcome. No one is ever judged or taunted, everyone is always individual in every decision they make for the outcome of their lives. This is a college where everyone is welcome and no one is succluded.