Muskingum University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are a lot of opportunities to participate in theater - plays, improv, etc. without being an arts major. Housing is guaranteed and varied - there are program houses for French students, German, etc - anyone can live in these college owned houses. This gives you a lot of chances to meet foreign students, grad students, etc.


There is not one best thing about Muskingum. I love everything about it. The class size is small. The college community is small enough and you know alot of people. Making friends is easy. The staff and students are very nice and helpful. I would not change anything about this school.


The best thing about my school is the people there, both professors and fellow students. Everyone gets along so well and the friends you meet here are for life. Even getting to know the faculty and staff is such a blessing. They are able to help you in and out of the classroom and you get to know them on a more personal level. It is such a blessing to meet other people who share common interests with you, but who also may have many differences; it is an amazing chance to learn and grow.




I think the school is small enough to know everyone and what it has to offer yet big enough to still be your own person and grow and learn.


the program for students with learning disabilites


To me, the best thing about Muskingum is it's environment and friendly attitude. This campus is beautiful no matter what season it is, and the surrounding areas are beautiful as well.


small close knit envirtoment