Napa Valley College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is there to many student.


The worst thing about my school would be the increase in price. The price for tuition went up which is often difficult to pay for.


The worst part of my school is the web advisor that we are forced to use to sign up for classes and to check our grades. It always crashes because they have too many people register at the same time instead of making smaller registration groups. If this problem could be fixed our web advisor would easily be one of the best parts of our school.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is that they don't offer enough student help services. For example, tutoring everyday, counseling whenever you need it, but instead on a base to base appointment manner. Also, books and foods costs are increasing which is also one of the worst thing about my school.

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