National American University-Albuquerque Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear younger self, It's alright to be afraid! Your 'unworried act' isn't fooling anyone. Your life is completely changing. Hug your parents, take your dogs on more hikes, have as many giant sleepovers as possible, and kiss your boyfriend. The people that formed your high school experience are going to be memories soon. You will see them occasionally, but they will no longer be the foundation of your world. You are going to start clean and build a new foundation. During that process, you are going to fail many times. These failures are going to hurt more than you've ever known, but in your own bumpy way, you are going to grow into a brave, competant young adult. You are capable of more than you've ever thought possible. Enjoy your successes. Try to look past your heartbreaks so you can learn from them. If you listen to anything, listen to this - don't dwell on your sorrows. You have so much to offer, and locking yourself in your room is no better than giving up on everything you've ever worked for. P.S. Don't eat the Asian take-out before your choir concert!


Don't drop classes, work your butt off, take 18 hours a semester.


I would say to myself to take senior year as an advantage and use it very wisely and benifical to ones self. To not think that everyone else will do the work for you and sign up for scholarships.


The first step of advice would be not to be afraid. Ask the questions you need to have answered right away and don't panic. If I would of done this in the beggening I would have got a lot more done and would of been less stressed. Next, I would advice for new students to not be afraid to meet new people. A big part of college is meeting new people and making new friends. I would definitly like to state that people are always willling to make friends. So if you make that first step to talk to someone, more then likely they will talk to you. Lastly, be ready to study and do lots of laundry. These are two important factors in order to make it through college. You need to study to pass and laundry in order to have cloths on your back. All these steps will get you one step closer to your dream.


This is the wrong school. I attended UNM-Albuquerque. This would not let me restart the survey.


To go to school right after highschool, and to be serious about it. To make friends that would support me and encourage me when I want to quite and to stay focused on what matters!


dont be stupid and ditch class

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