National American University-Bloomington Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I’m looking forward to my continuation of my adult life. I come from a large family of five, I know I have the great responsibility being the oldest sister to set a good example to complete my higher education. One of my major goals in life includes receiving my associates degree in Business Management. I would then transfer to a University to complete my bachelor’s degree. A second goal involves my daughter. To provide a life for her that is rich in love, heritage, and success. I realized I need to not just complete my high school education but obtain a higher degree. She has been the greatest inspiration of my life. Being a single mother made me a stronger person as I started taking on more responsibilities. My daughter, parents and grandma are the reason for me to go forward to my continuation of life and school. My daughter has influence me to provide her with the life she deserves. With the help from my parents and grandma, I know they will always help me out and I was able to finish high school to get my Diploma and getting on the right road towards college.


When I started my son was still in school and I'm a single parent so it was hard for a while but the school is good at working with the students which is great. What I've gotten out of my college experience is a lot of self disipline for getting the work done and I've learned alot from the staff and from other students. I am so glad that I choose to return to school so that I could set a good example for my son on the imortants on education. And I hope I can take what I have learned and pursue a better career. When I started I didn't think I would make it ,but the school staff is great at helping the students make the right choices.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself to go for it. To go out for every activity that I could handle such as student government, sports, and plays. I would tell myself that everything that I did as a senior would enhance my chances for a better afluencel carreer. I would also tell myself that I should step up to the plate and ask that guy out who I really liked. I would say to myself go to every school event and dance and enjoy myself, even if I have to go by myself. Also tell myself that saving money may not be easy but it is a must, that the economy does not stay stable and any savings will cushion it. The greatest thing I would love to tell myself back then is that I will meet a wonderful man who loves you and together will have two beautiful children.


I would tell myself to sign up for as many scholarships as possible as soon as I could. I would also visit many colleges in the area to take in the surroundings and watch how the other students at that college acted. I'd visit colleges of different sizes to see if I was more comfortable in a small or large institution. I'd talk to some of the students to ask how they liked their classes and what activities they were involved in after classes. I'd talk to many professors of different majors to see which classes I'd enjoy the most and what benefits I'd aquire from them. Tuition rates are extremely important to me so I'd compare the different colleges in state and out of state for the most affordable prices. I'd take tours of the dorms to see how big they were and what they had in them. I'd definately study harder at high school to prepare myself for college work. I'd ask my teachers to teach me more advanced things to ready myself for college. I'd tell my senior self to do everything possible to prepare for college.