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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would start with saying: There are plenty of things that may excite you at the moment, maybe one even become your obsession. But no one knows their pure passion unless they are experiencing it and are satisfied with it. In the summer before Senior year I would tell them to go travel around the states, spend hours on the internet looking for programs that interest them. Meet new people, meet people that have similar interests as yours. Try to fully live the moment of feeling how you would feel when you are in the course rather than going there and not liking it later. Best of all advices is to be organized, being punctual and studious only helps you through school but College is discipline beyond school and hence, since there will be no teachers to constantly remind you, a student should be well prepared in applying for his FAFSA, scholarships and applications. Organization is the key, it will set your priorities, show you what you really want as opposed to what you might just need and it will help you in future. Lastly, never lose hope.


Hey younger self, Looking great , I just wanted to give you some advice about college before you jump in the pool head-first. First thing's first, your a very intelligent beautiful young lady, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise and don't you dare believe it. Know that its completely your pace so don't rush yourself or be afraid to take your time. Now let me address this issue, I understand that your a maturing young lady thats starting to loosen up a little because you are an adult now and I'll say while all of that is true indeed don't lose site of the issue at hand; success. So while your out enjoying the fruits of your labor and being introduced to new and exciting things in life remember that you have goals to accomplish in order to become the well-known and successful nurse I know you will be! One of my favorite quotes goes something like; "If you aren't afraid to work, greatness and success will chase YOU instead of you chasing it." Remember this forever and don't never doubt yourself, you'll do great! Love, Older Wiser Me!