National American University-Rapid City Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay in school! Listen to your mother, she knows much more than you give her credit for. Education is power! You can do anything you set your mind to! Work hard and go get it


If I went back I would tell myself to stay in school and go on and enter collage immediately, before marriage and children. I say this because I quit school and got my GED 10 years later. Though I have done ok, I would have done much better had I followed this advice at the time. As it is I am working on my degree now in my 50s. I am sure it would have come a little easier when I was younger.


I would tell my past self, "To keep that power and drive you have. That there are going to be obstacles that come in the forms of problems but you need to look past it to see the prize at the end of the road. Save money now and put your all into every class you have and put in some time to find scholarships because they can help. Give yourself a day to be you so you don't stress yourself and others because you can't stay motivated if you are constantly stressed. Know that if you don't do well one time it's not the end of the road. Learn and adapt to move past this so that next time you are a better stronger person. You will feel nervous and out of place but eventually everything will fall in place and become just as normal as breathing(except with test, quizzes and lots or writing). In the end you will feel proud of yourself not only for continuing your education but being a motivation for your family and friends around you."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would talk to myself that working hard in high school would help me in college. I would stress studying and getting a good night sleep. I would tell myself not to be lazy and get my act together. I would study for the Sats and the ACTs. I would tell myself that college requires to be on time and prepared. No one is going to tell you what to do; you have to do everything my yourself. Nobody is going to tell that do your homework. It is going to be all up to it. I woudl seriously emphasis on having an educational plan, look up scholarships and do well on the placement tests for english and math.


I would tell myself to enjoy my High School years by taking part in all the activities on campus. I would tell myself take the opportunity to complete as many scholarships as I could.


I would tell myself to relax and have fun, but stay on top of your homework. Take extra time to study for your exams. Don't be afraid to join a study group. Always be yourself and don't let that change. Make sure to talk to your program advisor and take just the general advisor. Particapte in school activities. Don't be afraid to make new friends. Don't be afraid to contact the teacher after class about the subject. Keep your head and never give up.


If I could go back and talk to myself in high school I would say to do my best. I would tell myself to stay on top of the homework my teachers give me, and to dedicate myself to school. In high school I had alot of college students talking to me about their colleges. I just blew them off and thought they were over reacting. If I could go back I would also take their advice and learn new study habits and stay on top of my homework. I would also study more for my tests and quizzes. My personnal experience for me is that I had to experience college on my own in order for me to believe everyone else. This way was alot harder, and I knew I should have listened to the college students. Now I realize what I have to do and how hard school will be, but I'm going to do whatever it takes to get my degree in nursing.


I know that I will be the first in my family to have a college degree and the since of pride that come with it is something that is hard to put into words. I feel that I am on top of the world. I know I am getting a quality education that can not be taken away from me.


Learned a lot, and working towards a valuable degree which will improve my quality of life.


I have gained confidence in myself through my college experince. Setting the goal of obtaining a college degree and following through with the steps needed to fullfill that goal, has help me be more direct and outgoing. I'm not scared to speak up and more than anything ask questions. I was always scared to ask questions, because I thought it made me look stupid. Now I'm not scared and feel like its helping me clarify. College has been so valuable to my self esteem. With confidence I carry myself in a totally different manner.


I have learned alot in less than a year iam doing online classes but really a have learned a wealth of information that will help me better myself .


Going back i would suggest to me that i strive harder to improve my educational experience and its ok to stumble and fall as long as you get up dust yourself off and keep moving forward after high school it gets so much easier to grow and learn there are people out there in the real world who want to give you every possible tool you need to get through college just take that leap and go for it don't wait until your older do it now.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself I would explain some of the hardships I have had to face, such as sacrificing time with my family in order to get homework done. I would point out to myself that for me it would be better to be in a classroom setting than to try and do online courses and teach myself what I was suppose to learn. It would have been cheaper also if I had gone to college right out of high school. I am not sure if by telling myself all of this if it really would have mattered because I was pretty bull headed and thought I knew more about what I wanted to do with my life than anyone else. I could possibly be working in a corporate position by now instead of that being my goal upon graduation. Valuable time and oppertunities was wasted because I did not persue what I should have done with the time that was given to me.


I would tell myself to save as much money as possible, and don't get any credit cards. I think that is the best advice that I could've gotten when I graduated from high school. Trying to apply those two things to life would make things a lot easier as you get older.


I went into the military before going to college so I would tell myself to study harder and to go right to school instead of waiting.


Make sure the school is internationally recognized for your degree program. Keep in mind what type of employment needs you have before attending a school in a certain area. Explore online options as well; they can help with the class load. Make sure you live a balanced lifestyle, work, school, and social are all important, but your degree is what is going to open up the career doors in the long run. During college try to get internships for what you believe you want to do. I know so many people that do not use their degree or got it just to have one. Specializing in a certain field usually gives someone a competitive edge in that area.


If I could go from a 1.62 in high school and after a year plus of NAU and still maintain a 4.0, your child can also. I have gained so much from this school, go for it. They make a difference.