National American University-Roseville Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to avoid certain mistakes and take certain risk. The mistakes that are inevitable due to external factors beyond ones control, I would tell myself to look at them as work outs and not issues. Work outs make you stronger and in order to become stronger you must endure pain. The problems that you will come across during your academic journey will help your professional and personal growth development if you stay strong and get through them.


What advice I would give myself is to not be so afraid of failure. The world of being an adult is not an easy one that’s for sure. To know that there is always help out there. Continuing onward with your education I can promise you is something you will never look back on and regret doing. Just hang in there and know that when school gets tough there is always help that is available for you, if you are only willing to ask for it.


I would tell myself the same thing I tell my younger siblings: try to get great grades in high school and take advantage of taking college classes for free to get ahead. Since I am the oldest I never was told that in CA they let you take college classes for really cheap and I could get ahead. Another thing I would have advised myself is to save money all through highschool. I saved some but not enough I never thought trying to put yourself through college without anyone helping you would be so hard. And last thing I would have done was to advise myself to keep the job at Sprig Electric instead of switching to become a Gymnastics Coach. I got the job back at Sprig but I would be farther ahead if I just stayed. I definitely have learned alot through the years and hope that I can get my siblings all 6 of them to make the smart decisions knowing they will also have to pay for their college all alone.


Hello, how are you? I am your new guidance counselor. Let’s talk about your future plans. What types of work are you interested in doing? Nursing? Okay, well I was reviewing your transcript and I see that you are a C average student. While that is good, it is important for you to know that most prerequisite courses for a nursing degree require that you pass with a C or better. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the course in order for it to be considered for use toward your degree and acceptance into the nursing program. Most nursing programs require an application process and points system which consists of GPA and letters of recommendations. Basically, the students with the highest GPAs usually get accepted into the program. So, now is a good time to start striving for an A in all of your high school level courses. Because if you can succeed at achieving an A in your high school courses then a B in your college courses will come easy. That way if you want to continue your education to the graduate level your study skills and strategies will be mastered and you will achieve great success.


Buckle down and get as much out of school as you can. Learn a second language. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for you just need to apply yourself and try harder.


As an adult returning to college after 12 years I have found my educational experience to be exciting and fulfilling. One of the things I have found to be the most valuable is that college has opened my eyes to how I may apply my interests to different industries. I come from a printing and graphics background with a strong techinical skills. Even though the printing industry is going through a downsizing period, there are other industries in which I can utilize my skills. Geographic Information Systems is a growing industry in which I can apply my techinical hardware and software skills along with my interest in graphics. I f I had not taken a couple of night classes at a local community college I would never have discovered this new and exciting field in which I can apply my skills.


I have gotten out of my college experience is that it makes you very independent on everything that you do because instead of having your parents their to tell you to do your homework you have to put it upon yourself to make sure that its done and in college you really do not have a teacher their to make sure you are understanding everything that is tought. If you do not understand something you have to go up to the teacher and ask them about it instead of always having a teacher walk around the room to make sure that every student understands what the teacher is teaching you. So i guess the one important thing that i have have learner is that you have to be very independent on yourself and you really can't count on anyone else but yourself.


I feel overwhelmed. I didn't expect my college days to fly by as swiftly as high school did. And I must say that my overall college experience has been an extraordinary one. I believe the transitioning of college effectively balanced the space and self-responsibility to the point of self-realization. It was during my first month that I would initiate my passion for books at an intense level. I even took a few online courses because I didn't mind reading paragraphs and paragraphs written by students and professors, as opposed to their physical presence and vocals surrendering to my ears. These few online courses have impacted the way I now participate on campus. I feel a distinctive appreciation for all my past teachers and for their kind words. Why has college been valuable to attend? I feel not only obligated to reach my aspirations, but also moments of liberation. Independence is the key to loving ones' self. And loving ones' self is the key to accepting the world. If you learn to accept the world and live peacefully within yourself, then you are capable of accomplishing anything your entity desires.


My college experience has afforded me the opportunity to take a deeper look at who I am and what I really wanted out of life. Through the learning process many opportunities were given to see the different sides of life and from that I have grown. There is a great satisfaction to be felt inside when a returning grade of an, “A”, is received on a final paper. The work is very representative of oneself and therefore such an acknowledgement feeds the soul in twofold: First, by validating the substance of the submission which in turn leads to the second, a deep sense of accomplishment. While not all classes ended with an, “A”, there was still much to be taken from the classes that challenged me the most. In many ways it was the opposition of the two forces the challenging classes partnered with my most successful classes that were the foundation to my career choice. Now as I move forward with my Masters Degree I do so with confidence in knowing who I am and what I want out life. I found inside of me a person I did not know existed.