National Louis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend National Louis University?


A person who is dedicated to achieving their goals. One that enjoys the freedom to think independantly with the guidance of the professors to allow you to achieve your own goals no matter how high.


National Louis Univesity is an excellent school for individuals who are seeking their education under non-tradional circumstances. NLU's classes are sructrured to allow the student to attend classes in an interactive group setting. For the adult learner who works or is raising a family while finishing their education NLU is perfect if you have been out of the classroom for a period of time. The instructors are available for advice and guidance while providing a curiculum that is stimulating and based on real life. It is a supportive environment for the adult , non-traditional and working student.


An older adult that works or has a busy life that can articulate the academic coursework on a fast track level.