National Louis University Top Questions

What should every freshman at National Louis University know before they start?


There is nothing more important in obtaining a successful life than going to college. I know that there is so much potential in you and it will all surface as you attend college courses and learn from other people that are looking at obtaining the same thing. This expereince will be life changing for you. As you learn, you will also have fun. Take this opportunity and don't look back.


If I could go back to my Senior year in High School I would tell myself to not worry so much about other people's opinions about me. High school is so high school. In college you are in a whole new world! Individuality is what other people recognize and what receives attention. In college you are praised for being who you are not what group you are in. Do you in college. Do what you want to do and what interests you. Do not follow the crowd, find yourself, who you are, and be happy with that person. I am sure the person you are is a great one in the making. It is okay to be by yourself. You do not have to constantly be in the presence of another person. It is okay to sit alone and read or eat your lunch by yourself. Other students are not focused on what you are doing or wearing. Everyone has their own troubles and concerns. We are all in college because we choose to be not because we have to be. College students have a whole new mindset from the high school way of thinking. Remember that!


College is nothing like highschool, and highschool does not prepare you for the college life, but the best thing to do to survive is to stick to the books and not give up. Find a good paying job while you're in school and start saving up, but no matter what happenes, stay focused, do not let ANYONE get between you and your end goal, for once you get off of that path, it will be hard to get back on and it will take you longer to get your degree. Live your life, do not rush into anything to soon. Also remember if there is someone in your life that does not support your decision or tries to convince you to do something else, remove that person as fast as you can from your life. Keep the positive supporters close to you, for you will need it when it gets rough. Once in college, get involved with what's going on within the school and make friends, make tons of friends, for you never know who you may need when the time comes in the future.


What I got out of my college experience is that it is not just going to school but the lessons and the people you encounter throught he school experience . The value I received is that I was a single mom who went back to school when I was in my thirtys. I was able to achive my goals and self worth as a person. I have had the opportunity to meet people who have enriched my life beyond my wildest dreams and I go to work every day now and have the ability to support myself and my family. The unexpected value is the friendships I made along the way that are priceless.


Be as academically prepared as possible. Take general classes while researching some career fields to prevent taking unnecssary classes. Be true to yourself, this is not high school there are all kinds of people at college don't pigeon hole yourself to one group of people. Get out and get involved; it helps you meet people and discover what you are about and what you like . Be open to something different than what have previously exposed yourself to. Have fun but don't compromise your values or your true self. Before you do something suggestive ask yourself "will I be okay with this tomorrow?".


I would have taken amble amount of time to study and to develop influential relationships with my cohorts and professor. I would have thougth thoroughly about remaining in the psychology field instead of shifting to Healthcare Administration. I would have performed more informative interviews with people in the Healthcare administration field.