National Louis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


What I like best about National Louis University was that I had the same classmates through out the cohort. We really got to know one another and provided each other with support. I still talk to some of my classmates now. The Professors were also willing to help when needed and very open minded. We would explore both sides of an arguement as well as the grey areas in-between.


The best thing about my school would have to be the untraditional ways they have their classes. instead of having desks like highschool, they have tables that make the student feel like they are important, as if they were sitting in a work meeting. Besides the style of the class rooms, the school is in the heart of downtown, it looks down at the art meseume, it's across from the mellieum park, close to differnt kinds of food. It is in the middle of the entire action. The school provides peaceful places to study with interesting teachers.