National Park College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to stay in Texas so I could finish high school instaed of getting my GED.


Set your goals in life and don't take life for granite. Understand that your education will affect your life style and control your accomplishments in life forever. Wait and have kids after you finish your college education. It makes things alot easier to not have the responsibility of being a parent while finishing you education. Don't base your doings in life around what other people try to influence you to do. Think for yourself and always do what is best for you. You can do anything you want to if you believe in yourself, never give up, and always do your best!


I would say, "Self, regardless of what you're thinking, waiting does not mean that putting school off will make your life easier when you finally DO decide to begin. Just because you've got two kids doesn't mean there isn't a way. You can become an active member of the community. You can have what you've always wanted. You can be who you've always wanted to be. Don't wait. Talk to a student advisor. Find a way."


I would have to tell myself that "You really need to increase your education! You do not need to et married as of yet, there is plenty of time. The road you are going down is leading you to great disappointment, but if you do not go down some of the roads you will not go down the one planned for your destiny. You need to be a substance abuse counselor for juveniles!"


Don't be afraid to try. Life gets better and the people are so much better than these, so don't be afraid to try anything.


If I were able to travel back in time I would let myself know that even though I might not know what my dreams are exactly but most of them will start to appear as I become older. I will be able to gain knowledge and I need to try my hardest to get to that knowledge and be the best I can be no matter the outcome. For myself not get to stressed because on the way I'll be able to meet teachers and friends who will support my career decision and push me to achieve it every step of the way! Last I would tell myself that if I try my hardest and just keep pushing on to do my best a future me wouldn't come back to scold me. ( Especially trying hard on Biology and Algebra or take a lower Algebra course)