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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Having me in front, I would give me a wise counsel. I'd say pick with your heart your true vocation. Before making a final decision on what it is what I want to study, and become in the future; to study labor demand and needs in the society. I would sure be in the time I invested in studies in a very satisfying ending. To enjoy my goal of becoming a professional and be able to provide excellent service to my patients. I would also say that there is time for everything in life, and be well prepared academically should be a priority. You should never let someone else choose for you. Follow your instincts, enjoy and learn from every decision and life experience.

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My advice would be to the student be stay focused in school and your goals, meet others. College life is a learning and new knowledge; and we must learn to fear leaving aside. The college is a universe of knowledge where multidisciplinary studies that even if we do not help us, that knowledge makes the difference. all this accompanied by a lot of READIN

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