National University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about National University? Why?


There is nothing bad about my school. I love it.


I mostly take classes online and I've found that the professors sometimes don't go through the material on the course website and make sure it is all up to date. Sometimes the information and website links are outdated.


Since I haven't started yet, I have no complaints...the only thing I can think of is the tuition rate. Why does school have to be so expensive?


The worst thing about my school by far has to be the cost of receive such a tailored education. The classes along with being very accessible are also very expensive.


I am currently attending National University soley online because the courses offered at the campus closest to me only offers courses in the afternoon when I am still at work. There is no variation of time or days that classes are offered at the Twentynine Palms campus.


I don't have anything negative to say about my school. I wish the cost wasn't so high ($1300/class plus the cost of books), but the format is very convenient. I am attending National University's accelerated program and am able to attend class online. It is great because I can continue to work full time and because I can do all my coursework online, I can do my homework after my daughter goes to sleep. My daughter is my number one priority so it is important to me that I'm getting to spend time with her.