Naugatuck Valley Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to just hold on a little longer. To not give up. Or lose hope. Because now that I am in the real world, and outside of my high school mindet, I have realized that all the stress I out on myself in high school, just to have been fed up in the end, was the worst preparation for my college experience. I would tell myself to just relax, and to not be so concerned about what I was going to do when I grow up. I would tell myself to go into college undecided, and to attend a community college, and take my time to figure out what it is I am meant to do! Rather than jump into whichever major comes to mind one month, then switches to another the next. I would tell my high school senior self to enjoy life while it was easy, and not to get caught up in the little things.


I wouldn't go back and tell myself against actually. I am pretty happy with how everything turned out. NVCC was a great school and helped me a lot. The only thing I would go back and say is to attend Maine College of Art for 4 years, instead of having to transfer.


College is much more fun and easier than highschool, so dont stress. There is more flexible schedules and time, and you manage your own schedule rather than having someone make it up for you. It is fun, professors are willing to help, and stay after class to work with you, whether its studying for a test or just reviewing the material in general. You will make lots of friends, no one is going to turn you away! its a great experience and have fun because this is the pathway to your future and your career! If times get hard go and ask for help, dont be afraid!


Every word that your professor says matters. Save money by commuting from home but join more clubs so you can stay active in your school's community. Don't be afraid to talk to people. It isn't high school anymore. People won't judge you like they used to. You are free to be yourself now. I promise it will get better. This is your chance to start over.


Self, although school is hard at times, frustrating and time consuming; it will benefit you in the long run. You need to go to college and go as far as you can as soon as you can. Don't give up and don't get discouraged, it will not be done for no reason and you will be happy with yourself for it.


Please go straight to college and do not put it off. Be extra careful with your relationship with Randy, even though she is not a mistake, you will end up being a mom before you turn 21. It is going to be a hard transition, and be prepared to take care of mama for about a year because she will get sick. Your senior year will be tough, but do not give up on any of it. Go every day and get that GPA up higher.


Don't give up so easily. Keep trying even when it gets tough, try harder.


I attended two weeks of my high school senior year before I was admitted into a detox for substance abuse. After detox, I went to a wilderness program twice, had a two week stay in a hospital again, and went to two different residential treatment programs. I entered into the second program in late winter. While in the program I attended an adult school for my diploma and took classes at the local community college. I completed a year of high school within a few months and graduated on schedule. My intellect and acadmic ability allowed for me to complete my education at that time, but I struggled emotionally with an anxiety disorder and bi-polar. This eventually became disabling. A few years ago I was single and pregnant and with that pregnancy a lot changed. The bi-polar was gone, the anxiety became manageable and I went back to school last Spring. I currently have a 4.0. In March I turn thirty and if given the chance to go back, I would tell myself anything is possible, to just hold on during the roughest times, and its never too late to turn your life around. "Never Give Up."


Do not procrastinate. When the going gets tough work harder.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to go to community college for my first two years and then transfer to a larger university for my bachelor's degree. I went away to a private religious college for my first year, which costed over ten times as much as Naugatuck Valley Community College. Also, most of my courses were Bible courses, so I was not able to explore different career possibilities. I couldn't afford to go away another year, and my loans stressed me out. I also ended up changing my major from counseling to general studies, so I spent all that money for nothing. If I had just gone to community college my first year, I believe I would have been able to save more money for when I transfer to a university, would not have any debt, and would have been able to explore more major opportunities.


When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to go far away and to the biggest campus possible, so I went to Ohio State which is the biggest college campus in the country. I would have told myself to really think about my personality and to seriously consider other colleges instead of only focusing on one school and blocking out all the other options.


Do not skip a semester. It is wise to have a job and to attend college full time, but make sure to not work too many hours, because you'll need your full attention at college. GPA is very important. Study hard, do your best to get good grades. Most colleges will not accept a GPA lower than a 3.0 Average. And it will not change unless you attend credit classes, and get a B average or above. Any extra credit given in class, take the chance and do the assignment. Even if you have an A, it may help you maintain that A., instead of B. One letter grade is a difference Read and take notes ahead of time before going to class, that is taking book and lecture notes. Study all through the semester, not just a week before the exam. Participate in class, even if you think your answer is stupid or wrong. Raise your hand if you even think you know the answer. Study for exams in groups, it is very helpful. As soon as you find out you have an assignment, start working on it. Craming up will not get you a good grade.


I would tell myself that in order to succeed in college you need to work hard and believe in your education. To work hard it will get you where you want to go. Even though you have more freedom the responsibility you are assigned is a higher price.