Navajo Technical University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Navajo Technical University know before they start?


READ AND STUDY! Few famous quotes have had an impact on my life. I've not always listen to my elders but through reading Quotable Quotes from the Readers Digest I've gained some insight to simple wisdom of yesterday's leaders and heroes. Although I rarely read quotes from my native elders in the Quotable Quotes section of Reader's Digest. I did read a quote from Albert Einstein that struck me as simple genius. He quoted something to this effect,"a young man asked me if I knew the answer to a random astronomical calculation and I told him that I don't need to memorize frivolous information when I can look it up in the dictionary or use a calculator..." Up to that point I tried to memorize quotable quotes because I thought that it was neat to be able to bring a quote in conversation and be dubbed intelligent. Nonetheless, one day I walked aimlessly into an Native Center in Salt Lake City, where I recognized a figure of Chief Manualito, a great Navajo Chief) on a poster with his statement "education is the ladder of success"... Then, I knew I needed an education someday.


If I could go back in time and advise myself about college life I would say, Devin start making plans about college and go to the colleges, plus check online for scholarships. Life is tough without some sort of degree or no schooling to show that you are smart and can perform the duties that your job requires you to do. There is alot of help out there and since you still have the passionates for studying, continue school. College life is fun and full of adventure and activities. Learn all you can because your children will want to know what you know and how you came about learning it, making you a good father figure.