Nazareth College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a small yet beautiful private school.


The social life is very dry.


Nazareth College, a small school where students are remembered and their dreams are cultivated.


Although I am a transfer student and this upcoming fall semester will be my first semester at Nazareth. So far I can say that the faculty and staff have been extremely helpful throughout the whole application process. They are always willing to help me with whatever questions I have.


Beautiful campus with great volunteering oppurtunities, and beautiful town and surroundings to explore, great places to walk like along the canal, and a very warm vibe from the students and people in the area.


Nazareth is a small, liberal arts college that should be known for its sense of community and optimistic, real-world approach to education and life outside of the campus in general.


Nazareth College is a great small Liberal Arts college, with the focus being on the opportunity to take courses outside your major to broaden your educational experience, in a beautiful private setting such that you are part of a learning community with people that you see all the time, at all times which can become a bit tedious and challenging while allowing one to become very close to professors and other opportunities.


A liberal arts school that focuses on the individual and their success.


Naz almost seems to have too much going on because I always want to try everything, but don't have enough time; i'm a Music Theatre major, hence the lack of free time!


It is welcoming, a home away from home where everybody is more than willing to help you achieve your goals.