Nazareth College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Nazareth students are friendly. You'll hear people on tours always remarking that students hold the door open for others. It sounds petty and small but it is a gesture that I feel represents who we are at Nazareth. Students are friendly, cooperative, energetic people who love learning. We have a considerable and well-supported LGBT community on campus. In fact, this past year res life made our apartments gender-neutral to support out transgender population. Most students are from the Rochester area and then filter out as you get farther away. There is a significant portion from the Syracuse and Buffalo areas, a smaller, yet substantial amount from Utica and Albany, and then a fair amount from New York city and out of state. What students wear to class varies. Freshmen typically are guilty of wearing sweats and pajamas to class (especially when they can flaunt fresh Naz logos from the bookstore). That fad fizzles out once students are at Naz for a while. We have tunnels connecting nearly everything on campus so you'll see people wearing shorts and flip flops to class, even in the winter. For the most part, though, outside your gen ed courses, students dress comfortably, casually, but para-professionally, Students are middle to upper class (though there are some of us who fight the good fight and work our way to paying for our own college education!!). I don't find class status to be alienating. Most people are pretty quiet about how much money they or their parents make. I've never really noticed feeling uncomfortable because I come from a low income, single parent household and a rural, impoverished area. Students tend to be more liberal (especially considering the number of students we have active in Lambda, our gay-straight alliance, and Go Green clubs). Though we do have a republican club on campus. Students are very vocal about their political affiliations and rarely are politics discussed on campus.


My classmates are extreemly talented!


Someone who has a unique clothing style would feel out of place as Naz. Most students here wear simple styles, jeans,T's, and sweatshirts. Most students are for upstate New York. If there were 4 tables in the dining hall ther would be 1 table of lacrosse players, 1 table of music majors, 1 table drama majors, and 1 table of a whole floor that goes to eat together. Overall though everyone is open to ona another.


My classmates are always friendly and willing to help, I love always having people to get together and study with.


My classmates are fun-loving people who work hard and play hard.


Everyone is very friendly and willing to help eachother out.


My classmates are compassionate, hard-working, and intelligent.


My classmates are extremely hard workers and dedicated.


People usually eager to learn and wanting to be good people.