Nazareth College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


In the past it has been known as a Liberal Arts College but it is currently in transition with the times, realizing that most careers these days are in specific fields, such as health and teaching fields. So, they expanded their curriculum to include PT, OT and Teaching Degrees, which I am attending and highly recommend. It is a small college campus, smaller class sizes which means more one on one with the professor and better learning environment. I recommend this school to anyone serious about their academics and future.


The Physical Therapy and Nursing Programs are both well-known and respected at Nazareth. Also, the small size of the college allows for a closer community. The campus is beautiful in every season. There is something to do every night, whether it be attending a lecture, watch movies in community rooms, or any other number of activities.


Education programs.


Nazareth is a college that welcome diversity greatly. It seems very liberal and the students are from all sorts of ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc. So many different people attend the college and everyone seems to bring something unique with them. It is a very colorful campus that offers so many different views, and that is what I believe Nazareth is best known for.


Great Education program. Very "artsy".


The physical therapy program and Speech program.