Nazareth College Top Questions

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What is more unique about my school is the area around the school. Rochester and Pittsford offer so much to students, not only during the fours years that you attend the school, but the career opportunities and opportunities in general.


A major difference that our school has is underground tunnels that link most of the buildings and dorms together. Nazareth College is located where the winters are long and cold. Having these underground tunnels help making it to class easier. Another difference is the size of the campus and the size of the classes are very unique. The campus is very small and quant. The classes are the same way. Each teacher knows you'r strength and weaknesses as well as who you are. I believe that this is important to know when looking at a college.


I am able to major in math, as well as receive certifications in adolescent and special education. Many schools do not have this type of setup.


Nazareth is a small campus with class sizes in the 20-35 range. There are no large lecture classes and everyone on campus knows people from every major and every year. Nazareth is a great community, it is actively engaged with the community of the town. Members of Pittsford are known to frequent the campus and there are accepted there just as if they were students. Professors feel comfortable to bring there kids to campus. It is a very safe community.


It is a small school where you can walk around at any given time and expect to see someone you know, something we enjoy very much. My class size is only 100 more than my high school so it was not a hard transition in that regard. We have a thriving arts department that is nationally ranked, something that helps our school attract many bright minds to the campus.


The advise I would offer is that before entering college students should take time and decide what they want to do when they graduate. Go in to school with a major you believe in. Research your future career, interview people, observe individuals in the field. Make sure the major you are declairing is the one you want to do for the rest of your life. It will save a lot of money in the long run.


Nazareth focuses more on the name than the number. All of the professors really care about you as a person and do everything that they can to help you in every way possible. The classes are small so you can get individual attention from faculty and staff. Everyone is very friendly on campus and it is not uncommon to receive many smiles from strangers just walking around the campus.


Its not to big or small, it's just the right size. Its a space where you can have fun but also get your work done. This school has strong academic values and morals tha it teaches every student whether part-time or full -time. The staff is very supported and if you need help y ou won't have a problem finding it. It has such a friendly atmosphere. Here you are known as an individual not just a number which is what I love.


I love Naz! It is the best choice I have ever made and it has changed my life.


The caring attitude of the surrounding staff and faculty provides a warm environment for those attending. Addtionally, the students are excited and welcoming. Nazareth allows students the opportunity to gain a broad experience, which allows them to be responsible productive members of society. In combination, the supportive community including staff, faculty and students along with the academics, culture, safety, and beauty, puts Nazareth above many other educational institutions.


It is a liberal arts school.


Nazareth is not a big school. There is the perfect number of student to teacher ratio which makes it so much easier to learn. The teachers take speical interests in their students because they are able to develop relationships. The atmossphere is also very friendly because everyone, for the most part, knows each other or at least acknowledges each other throughout campus.


It's strong sense of community attracted me as well as the fact that my undergraduate program is actually usually seen as a graduate program. There is also a great deal of communication between students and faculty.