Nazareth College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?




Nazareth is a small school in the suburbs. Not a lot of students partake in weekend campus activities. They will attend games if their friends are on the team, but attendance is usually pretty low. On the weekends, most students can be found in downtown rochester as different athletic houses for parties.


Everyone leaves their doors open in the dorms whether they are in their rooms or not. Athletic events somewhat popular but ther is somthing fun to look forward to every week. Comedians, hypnotists, free movies, food and give-aways... The school is very safe , we have "creeper beepers" that we carry with our pass keys that we can press at any time if we feel threatened, campus security will come running within 2-5 minutes and track you until they find you and know that you are safe. Dating scene is tough for girls because if the uneven guy to girl ratio. People party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and although a good majority drinks, a substantial amount of students don't. Pittsford is a small, wealthy town, but modest with their money.